Saturday, April 16, 2016

dog tales~

just a girl out with her puppies~

hey mom, I see Katie!

I'm coming Kate!

not maizy...
tag you're it!

let the games begin!

look I can curl my tail like an octopus

well I can hear whales

I like seeing eye to eye with Katie ;-)


who needs greenies

we love brownies!

wait, I swear we are friendly!

I am sorry, we didn't know she had big brothers

that was a close one, lets get out of here!

have you noticed the boys are checking us out?

its so nice cassie isn't afraid of us anymore

Katie sure likes us to chase her...

now what are your doing?

can we help?


oh no, a sneaker wave snatched us all!

hold on mom we are scared!

thanks mom, I am so glad we are all safe!

what am I doing here?

seriously, whats the deal?

what do you mean no cookies???

she surely didn't mean me?

I could be your mommy!

look how cute our kids are going to be!

I just can't take you girls anywhere without embarrassing me, hurry up and run!

we were only gone for a moment mom, we just wanted to check out the fire...

oh goody gails back

and so many happy tails to come~

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful, heartwarming photos and fun commentary. Katie has grown so much, and I'm so glad Cassie is playing with the pack. A joyful day for all.