Monday, November 3, 2014

a beach diary may 18th thru nov 2nd

...random thoughts as time permitted i would enter lines here and there about my close to 6 months spent at the beach...

oh so good to be back for the summer! this will be short and concise, just key points to remind me of the good times...

playing with marla at the beach, she accidentally snagged a surfer!

doing the darling bakers garden week from the beach, exhausting!

katie and cassie making friends at the beach with harley and suzette. seeing cassie swim with harley.

learning of the starfish die off :-( not a one...

dancing at the book club in julies fabulous beach houses.

finding a wild fuchsia on the kortum trail.

taking katie back to her roots, they own 1000 acres, i want to be an heir through katie! loved our visit and family photos, will go back for sure~

helping suzette prepare and cook for the foundation and seeing her fabulous house

taking walks on the beach after dinner as a family of 4

watching katie and cassie play with ken and meeting chris

cassie has been rolling in a dead seal for weeks...

my car breaking down and racing in to find scott

katie getting spayed and on probation with no swimming for 2 weeks, yeah right!

getting car repaired and finding scotts glasses in the car, lost since the day maggie died...

sharing food so often next door.

carol dropping off her home smoked salmon~

learning who and why headlights shine in our room every night at 3 am! have slept through ever since ;-)

ed sharing his fresh halibut and oysters!

fog lifts half day after two weeks, summer is here, beach jammed, no sand, like coney island.

visited glass beach on a 3 day weekend, what were we thinking!

laura canceled dinner, son in hospital. out with stella, cafe jammed, out the door line, every spot filled. stella's car locked in, dale getting married.

suzette asked if saw lights at 10, she, then dale, said rice lanterns all over hill, behind us in pasture too... so lucky no fires, candy called police.

first fog free morn, out since 6 with katie on deck planting, reading, chatting, can hear shrieks from beach, pure heaven today.

lime green frogs live in my reading love seat, watched the heron get voles, listened to the birds bathing in wine barrel.

about hair... when i was little i had long blond hair midway down my back. i loved it. my mother did not. she chopped me down to a pixie cut. i hated it. i have always remembered my youth with such long hair. since high school i have had long hair, never that long, it just wouldn't make it, usually it was just to the middle of my breast. during menopause, and since i turned into a man, and am always hot and sweaty, my hair lives wrapped on top of my head, i don't pay attention to much, but it was always midway down my breast.

on nights i didn't tie it up i noticed something new, my hair would get caught in my armpits as i tossed and turned. how odd i thought, as i yanked my own hair out, thrashing nightly until the coil was replaced. did i mention with age comes loss of sight, as in how much facial hair you are sprouting when you actually have glasses on AND look in the mirror. its horrid, i never had to shave the majority on my life, i had fine thin blond leg hair that stopped on the shin, now i have black coarse gorilla hair oozing from my pores. oy, ok back to my hair...

yesterday was a revelation... i had my rare glasses on in the mirror moment when all the ugly truth came tumbling down. my hair is LONG, i mean down the middle of my back long. did i mention its still mid breast. oh yes, it means that my breasts are now my mid back... my perky breasts of yesteryear, my ageless hair length barometer have failed me. NO WONDER my long hair lived in my armpits. bottom line is yesterday i chopped off 5" of my hair. you guessed it, that was once my mid breast level. so pathetic to see this in print, but such is life~

suzzette surprised me with an overflowing bag of the fresh goodies she had left over from her fixings. she is off to ashland to get culture, i will be home expanding with more food :-)

soooo much time has lapsed... i could write here everyday of the joys this stay. omg... i am going to SOB when i leave, i KNOW these are the best days of my life. its like i went away to summer camp, a romance i never want to end. carefree, days for fun and friendship only, how can life be any sweeter...

finding baby starfish!

walking with dolphins! 3 days of sighting, my first time ever in california. terry said when she surfed they were doing sea park tricks behind her.

my morning walks with suzzette and harley in the tide pools, meeting so many new neighbors, friends and dogs with our morning walks.

the ultra low tides in summer where we can walk to the end of the road, cove after cove, our own private wonderland. reading how tides don't come in gradual, they make broad quick moves, always having my stomach taught, ready to race back to safety.

enjoying all the novel baker picnics for months, yet still never having the perfect day for one at the beach!

meeting at the bookmobile with half the book club over time, nothing delights me more than books by the sea!

sharing my love of books with suzette, so enjoying our daily walks, deeply saddened that harley no longer comes to the beach, but love the spontaneous walks on the street with our dogs.

face it i just LOVE IT HERE! every minute is surrounded by beauty, a lovely way to live.

laughing now over suzettes stolen car, 3000 miles! is it running ok?

debert meeting, jains on fire! finding out her partner is the generous seamstress!

visiting glass beach and the aboretum.

rescuing sea birds. bev held one as she passed, sobbing at the beach as we buried her...

bev being my personal shopper :-)

thrilled bev is now enjoying her friendle.

all working to help suzettes fundraiser, girl power!

monday dog walk turns into around 35 dogs and cassie is in the thick of it all! nothing delights me more...

katie getting a vibrate collar to stop barking so much while we chat on the beach... works like a dream! until she hits the surf ...

almost every single beach walk we walk with seals in the surf. saw our first baby.

so many good books read in my hot little corner.

WILD ocean, storm in alaska sent huge wild sea to our protected bay... looked like the grand canyon was flooding the colorado river, ocean nothing but rip tides looking like a blender, full moon, high high tide, hitting the dunes, leaving lakes, looked like a tsunami had hit. scary dog walk at low tide even, left early. sadly there were deaths that weekend with the forceful seas...

heat wave, summer finally arrives mid oct! HOT, stripping down to tank tops, 3 magnificent days to relish.

katie meets her first asshole. Twice... :-(

at cafe meeting a fisherman who shared his sea worthy stories, mouth hanging wide open as he told of falling overboard in heavy seas with his boat on auto pilot. Wearing his float jacket he prepared to die, another fisherman saw something yellow, he is alive to share this story, he was 74 years old when it happened.

katie meets a twin, sweet sweet sweet little bindy. make that her triplet, luna now too!

more goodies from marla, stopped at house and she showed me the boat tagging great whites.

fundraiser a total success, loads of fun with a dose of angst at the end. all's well that ends well, we all are eager to start working on next year's while still fresh in our minds.

morning rain, glorious sunny afternoon with high seas and the coast guard training.

garage has mice... I fear hinta virus!

the count down is on... how i dread leaving, so much joy and beauty here. woke up with ear infection still... hit the shower, it loosens the pain, popped a couple of aspirin and out for a dog walk. sea is rough and tough, worried about dogs and high tide. Bev bails with beach warnings, suzette stops by and i say 15'... wires crossed and i missed her, walked over but she was already on the rough and tumble beach, i stood her up with a note on her car, we have missed 5 days of chatting on the beach, every day matters to me, it's wonderful to make new friends and i want to carry on daily like i am not leaving, but separation anxiety is kicking in the background. i will be jealous and envious of the girls walking daily when i head home, it's been such a great visit living here with the locals.we had a nice visit in the sunshine on her way back, then bev was so sweet to deliver Scott's dinner...SEE WHY I LOVE IT HERE!

coast guard slamming and bamming in the waves for hours, surely their bones must rattle. the beach is wet up to dunes, glad the girls were home.

took the girls to millerton park, katie was perfect off leash, scott refused to drop trou and ended up hiking in the swamps, sank up to his hip, if only he hadn't been so shy...

walked with bev this morning and asked is she would mind if i tagged alone for a safeway run. what a FUN day, hit homegoods and came out combined a 1000 dollar happier! oh she got such great xmas trees, who knew i would be fighting her for the good stuff, but of course i love her home, all my colors and style, why wouldn't we be wrestling for the same goodies! next we found a fabulous cheap chinese restaurant, DELISH! i can't wait for more, off to grocery shop, yippe about the dollar bread for our friends, followed up with a home run at see's, was such a great day, good thing we only shopped once the whole time i was there or we would be bankrupt and forced to join over eaters anonymous :-) ok, who am i kidding, i should have been committed decades ago...

walked the dogs in my nightgown before meeting bev at the beach. loved how bev was chatting with john, how long have you known him i ask, she said just now, i have a pass now and need to know people ;-)

cheryl arrived with cassie, watched cassie have her first off leash run at the beach, she and katie are 2 peas in a pod.

rainy night for the book club, fabulously spooky and ultra delish food in another darling home. brought Cheryl with us too, the more the merrier~

missing my daily walks with suzette, but love how she stops by on her way home for a visit in the sunshine bearing bread :-) did i mention how much i am going to miss this place?

well the day has finally come to officially pack up and go home with the pets... scott brought over krispy kremes and i grabbed some mimosa makings to toast for our last beach walk... we took dave and cherly, brenda and the girls were there, suzette, bev and joseph too. i heard about the horrific accident in bodega on the way the down the hill. 4 people died when their 32' fishing boat was hit by a rogue wave and rolled, only one survivor, the minute we hit the surf line my heart was breaking, the entire beach was strewn with the shattered boat... first the captains chair, gas cans, oil, their lunch, their shoes, keys, a door, flares, all the way down, like a crime scene, but no one there to pick up the pieces...

all of us were grabbing the shattered pieces of the boat and making piles, it became to much after we had only walked not even half the beach, it was everywhere... what was to be a special moment for me walking with my beach buddies was truly heartbreaking...

despite the sorrow, champagne and donuts were served, we invited john to join in for a toast to good friends, good books and good times. gail and tara joined in for a donut and as we cleared our tables they set up the cutest dog birthday party with meatloaf and bacon topped cupcakes...

did i mention how much i am going to miss living there?