Sunday, October 19, 2014

how to put the FUN in a fundraiser!

start with an adorable house...

over the top cute decorations~

people too!

pick a theme...

get 100s of pumpkins for carving...

offer loads of food and drink

have a carriage ride by the sea, driven by a relative of jack london himself!

tell the story of cinderella...




With the wave of her wand all kinds of magic suddenly floated around her!


next put a silent auction by the bar at the end of a long day :-)

and thank your friends for shopping and sharing in all the fun as the sun sets...

ahh... time to relax

and to finally have a moment to scarf down some food!

CONGRATULATIONS SUZETTE FOR SUCH A SUCCESFUL FUN EVENT! and for all the hard work of the dbbc babes and their supportive husbands and chefs!