Sunday, October 19, 2014

how to put the FUN in a fundraiser!

start with an adorable house...

over the top cute decorations~

people too!

pick a theme...

get 100s of pumpkins for carving...

offer loads of food and drink

have a carriage ride by the sea, driven by a relative of jack london himself!

tell the story of cinderella...

with a scavenger hunt in the neighborhood ...

Poor Cinderella lost her mother and her father was so unhappy he sought to get rid of his sorrow by marrying another wife. No sooner was the wedding over, than the step-mother began to show her bad temper. She could not bear her step daughters good qualities and compelled the poor girl to do all the drudgery of the household.

It was poor Cinderella who washed the dishes, swept the floors and polished the house while the step sisters lay in their fluffy beds.

Although the stepmother and step sisters disdained her, and sought to degrade and lower her, see how the lovely disposition of Cinderella shines out!

Oh those cruel ugly duckling step sisters! they spent their whole time before the looking glass, and they would be laced so tight to make their waists as slender as possible, that more than a dozen stay laces were broken in the attempt!

The kings son was having a ball, to which all the nobility was invited. The two step sisters were very cruel to Cinderella, even though she helped them dress, they stepped into the carriage and drove away with out her. Cinderella cried alone in the kitchen, until she heard a knock on the kitchen door, there a beggar woman on crutches besought to give her some food. Cinderella shared her meager meal with her, thank you my dear said the old feeble woman in her croaking voice...

Dearee me, what are all these tears my child said the old woman. she told the old woman all her griefs, how she wished she too could go to the ball... but you shall my darling, said the old woman or i am not queen of the fairies!

Oh and what magic her fairy godmother did make!

With the wave of her wand all kinds of magic suddenly floated around her!

Queen of the faeries touched Cinderella with her magic wand, she was instantly changed into the most magnificent ball dress with the most costly jewels.

she would be gorgeous from the top of her head...

down every inch of her...

even to her fingertips!

now who will fit her slippers!

next put a silent auction by the bar at the end of a long day :-)

and thank your friends for shopping and sharing in all the fun as the sun sets...

ahh... time to relax

and to finally have a moment to scarf down some food!

CONGRATULATIONS SUZETTE FOR SUCH A SUCCESFUL FUN EVENT! and for all the hard work of the dbbc babes and their supportive husbands and chefs!