Friday, August 22, 2014

a wee touring of blogland~

today i am participating in a blog tour that my fellow novel baker michael lee west extended the invite. i first bumped into mlee maybe 7 years ago over the holidays. we meet via a wee chocolate mouse that we both had shared the same day. someone commented on my blog that mlw had the same post, so i sauntered on over...

i made a comment, THEN looked at her "about me"... KNOCK ME OVER WITH A FEATHER!!! i had read all her books from the moment they had been published~

it absolutely floored me that i had bumped into a favorite southern author over a chocolate mouse, that i could actually comment to a famous southern author shocked me...

that she commented back WAS ASTOUNDING!

yes, i was new to blogging back then, i had no idea you could bump into famous people so easily, that they were so accessible stunned me! i remember telling my husband over dinner, today a mouse introduced me to mlw! over the years she has kept me constantly laughing with her enviable humor, its been delightful to call her a fellow novel baker~

whether you are interested in farm living, cooking for the exhausted, endless home renovations or usually just a darn good laugh, i know your time will be well spent visiting rattlebridge farm~

in keeping homage to the novel bakers, i am introducing a blog that needs no introduction, mary from home is where the boat is. 

mary befriended me with the honor of blogging with me for the start of food for thought.

copy the logo and join in the fun!

back then mary was a huge reader and she shared my same goofy passion of books, food and pictures, since then she has been on a steady ascent excelling and dazzling us all nonstop weekly for years with her endless creativity and boundless energy, from her pups, to her potting shed and fabulous tablescapes.

Boating with Dogs1-001

Bits of Fall Potting Shed-001

there is not one thing this girl doesn't do beautifully, the only thing i miss about mary is she not able to read as much because she is so busy blogging! due to the novel bakers picnic week on sept 8th, mary will be sharing her blog tour later in September.

What am I working on right now?
at the risk of sounding like i work in the world of blogs, i am currently fretting about getting the novel bakers picnic week in order starting sept 8th.

as usual, my eyes are bigger than my tummy, i selected 8 cookbooks for 7 days. of course i wanted to do like a dozen picnics, but i have been residing at the beach for the last 4 months and life is a slower, quieter pace here in the land of heavy, cold, constant, wet damp fog...

i had wanted to take day trips and go off on fabulous locations for some excellently fun picnics, but i find i am so very content by the sea i just didn't want to move much. i adore my time by the sea, i have never felt so happy to do nothing in my life, is it my age, or is it the location, these are the small things i ponder...

How does my work differ from others in this genre?
i am quite curious about these questions, if i was an author like michael lee west these questions have true validity, but i am just someone who dabbles here and there in blog land...

how do i differ, well i keep to the fringes, i once had a far more active blog, but with software changes i found i was blocked from my own blog so i just departed abruptly. after a few months software adjustments allowed me to reenter slowly into blogging again, but i came back with a very different quiet purpose, to solely entertain myself. most blog for the social and the chatter, i just like to play with pics, record recipes and occasionally mention a thing or two. i am passionate about reading, i love being transported from the comfort of home to the magic of authors. i would rather be reading a book than playing online...

Why do I write / create what I do?

i like photos, i may not be good at it, but i enjoy capturing moments of time and doing little silent movies via way to many still pics... i love to read. eating is a rather bad habit i over indulge in. i find i get the most pleasure when i combine them all and exploit that through the novel bakers, which is an off shoot from my original food for thought.

i adore having others join in and sit back and enjoy their magic with me. i feel like a movie producer, i try and pick a really good scripts and see how mary and mlee bring the words to life.

Savory Apple & Thyme Turnover

i adore the novel baker moments because i am doing more with books than passively reading, over the years i have done countless of truly wonderful things all under the guise of sharing a post with strangers, that may, or may not have a passion for books, food and pictures.

it was a special bonus when authors themselves stopped by and acknowledged my goofy presentations. i do it all for the thrill of finding fun in words, expressed visually~

How does your writing process actually work?

i have no process, i am purposely silent... i share my pics when the mood strikes me, but i have made a choice to share very little verbally of myself. in order to have followers, connections and comments online you need to be expressive, engaging, enchanting, i have recoiled to live a very quiet life and offer very little of myself other than photos and recipes that entertain me.
like simple clean up moments in the garden...

happy dogs...
or visiting friends...

i think i admire most the bloggers who bare their souls to others, over the years i have read so much that has touched me deeply, there are countless of gorgeous glossy perfect blogs, don't get me wrong, i enjoy those too, but i recall a widow sharing her grief, a woman struggling with infertility, another recounting her bypass surgery and then sadly those who suffered through cancer, some made it, some did not. those are the bloggers i admire most, to open their hearts and soul to the universe, to put it all out there for others to see, to embrace them, lift their hearts and lend a helping hand. its a very interesting and diverse community, but i have chosen to stay on the very rim, barely skimming the surface these days~


  1. I so enjoy your words, garden views, seaside living, happy dogs and last but not least, edible reviews! You inspired me to get off the 'to blog or not to blog' fence, I'm not sure whether to thank you for that or not as I feel the crunch of picnic week, it feels like cramming for finals in school again :) We are having a lazy Labor Day here, it is HOT! Hope you're enjoying some quiet time by the sea today. ♥

  2. I myself love your words as much as I love your photography. I so enjoy the moments with the BCs on the beach and the times your humor makes my day (I thought that damn lighthouse was real! And I still remember when you lugged the lemon tree to the beach. It's all good. The stuff of great memories just by coming here and reading. Your beach diary is addictive, and your wit shines through. I've laughed with you, shared the joy of reading, anticipated your NB artistry, salivated over your meals, jotted down ingredients, lingered over intricate, metaphorical (and flat out beautiful) vignettes and tablescapes, anguished over the loss of furkids. Life wouldn't be the same without your blog and the magic you inspire. xxoo

  3. We're sooooooo glad you're here!

  4. I've long been a fan of your creative posts, amazing photos, and delightfully delicious recipes. Glad you joined the tour. Thanks for sharing with all of us!

  5. your photos speak for themselves, and your love of the subjects you photograph speaks volumes without words. I am glad I found you through the Novel Bakers and I admire and respect your insistence on doing your blog to suit you and not others. I was disappointed when I first discovered that you don't always have your comments on, but I truly get it. I blog totally selfishly in that, I do it because it brings me joy to share with others, and I learned quickly that I do not want a boss or sponsor dictating what I do...artistic freedom is heaven to me. Thanks for sharing your talents, I enjoy my visits here.

  6. Jain, I love the way you blog! Gorgeous photos, thoughtful posts, inspiring recipes and tables~~you find beauty everywhere and share with us. I don't always comment, just come here quietly, admire all that I see, and tiptoe away. And the Novel Baker Weeks are definitely my favorite time in all of blog land! Looking forward to seeing what you have for us next week! Linda

  7. Jain, Just want you to know how very much I enjoy your blog and how very much I miss it when it's not there. I found Mary through Pinterest and found you from her blog roll. I did not know of you gals during your time of Food for Thought. I'm sure I missed some great stuff. But I really love The Novel Bakers and am so looking forward to your picnic week.