Thursday, March 27, 2014

beach diary march 16th thru april 2nd

3-16 sunday. arrived just after sunset, to go from mid 80s back to cool coastal climates is heaven to me. we came loaded to the gills with easter boxes and trinkets for the novel bakers. love love love being back, can't wait to get the dogs back to the beach tomorrow.

3-17 monday. full moon on the coast, was utterly striking. woke at 4 am to see the bright moonlight slinking under the fog way out west, almost like an alien aircraft, even though the moon was still high in the sky, just a brilliant patch of light was shining far out at sea. by 6am the fog had burned off and the moon was still as high as the noonday sun. by the time dawns light had broken the sea was rough and teal with heavy swells of white breaking in a broad white arcs. oh how i love coming back here again and again, to have an ever changing scenery is the way to live...

took the dogs for an early walk and ended up planting the morning away without even entering the house until a good 5 hours later. while planting up front katie bolted away to greet linda, bad news is she was out in the street. like trying to hold a water sprite as we chatted, she is a handful!

the daffodils and calla lilies are in full bloom, one day this place will fill in!

had to much stuff in my room to even move, gave up early and went to make our irish dinner. scott arrived home and headed to the wild windy beach. it was loaded with windsurfers and parasailers as the sand airbrushed our faces. katie and cassie played, katie went up to every dog and made a nuisance of herself... she needs so many lessons and training i am getting overwhelmed in her deficits! i know she is a baby, but i wish she would be tiny cute and fully trained and just hang on every word we say... well, first she would have to hear us, the wind was roaring and she was long gong enjoying herself.

found my first good size intact sand dollar, even more excited i didn't break it before i got home :-)

3-18 tuesday. quiet, glistening gorgeous day by the sea, such a contrast to the day before. took the girls for their walk and then spent almost the entire day cleaning up easter in my room. i had brought so many things over you couldn't move between cat cages, dishes, patio furniture. to go out it was a fine dance to get it all tidied up with katie under toe... she has a collapsible pen, i made her an area outdoors while i worked, the MINUTE i would walk in to put something way she would climb her pen and be free... if there were no cars in sight i wouldn't care, but this ain't country living, this is a well lived in community and i do not want to ever fear for her life due to my carelessness. which of course she is not heeding to my thoughts...

walked 30' away to the kitchen, in less than one minute she was off and running to 3 senior ladies walking 200' feet away. i quickly trailed behind her to return her to her faux prison, AFTER katie had mauled, rolled, cajoled and licked them to death... it was cute hearing them all suddenly scream look its a puppy! as i approached they said they were all fearful that this charging animal was going to take bite legs off, not until they could see the blur turn into a puppy did they feel safe. of course i feared she was going to treat them like bowling pens... oh what have i spawned!

katie enjoyed her new whale~

scott mowed the lawns then we took the girls for a sunset walk. katie is getting in trouble already, we need to leash her, not everyone loves a puppy... especially one that doesn't come when called~

3-19 wed. beautiful morn, took the girls for their walk, cassie bolted away with katie in tow, they went to sammy's house and looked in the door for him... took katie for a long solo walk, visited with linda and tom along the way, tom is perfect with katie, she is like putty in his hands, no biting, chewing or blood, it looked like she was in a vulcan death hold she was so calm. he needs to open a doggie day care center, i would happily dump her there a few hours a day...

visited with stella once i got home and bravely left katie alone in the garage. returned to her barking, wonder if it was the whole darn time...

set up camp outside to read with kaite and nick. read beatrix's garden, a bit dry for my taste, as an avid gardener if i didn't love it i doubt many would :-( was rather pastoral though, a frog was behind my chair croaking and the cows were lined against the fence, i could pretend it was lake country, except it was sea country. katie barked at the cows, not good, will have to refence that fence now. finished the book and fell asleep in the brilliant sunshine, woke with sam entering the garage, let katie out to join him and they trotted back to his garage. young love, so cute~

the gorgeous day has high thin clouds, the sea has turned silver.

....so much for keeping up daily, time flies when you having fun, and disappears when you are sick...

scott came down with a cold, it mutated to the flu for me and wiped me clean off my feet for days and days... to sick to even get home so we stayed a bit longer so i could be strong enough to at least clean my way out the door, i did not want to come back to a sick germy house. haven't been out of bed for days, scott has been taking great care of me, he has gone to the beach 3 times with the girls without me, i never thought that would ever happen. he freaked me out last night when he told me katie bolted from him and was dog paddling out to sea to play with some kids in the water... i don't allow our dogs to swim anywhere but in tide pools, to many deaths with the unpredictable ocean, from owners to pets... so glad i wasn't there, but even more frightened to know thats her behavior now.

been storming big time this week, i think i would have been terrified at home, it was a very heavy downpour, the type that does harm... i dread going home and seeing what damage we might have. need to walk the dogs now, but its thunder and lightning, to chicken to want to do it, the last thunder made the bed shake, felt like i was kicked, i sure don't want to be out on the bluff for that. yessterday on their walk, my first time up in days i was shocked to see mr nick join us very far from home, he is way to vulnerable to other animals out there so now i have another problem to worry about besides katie swimming out to sea. i just need to get strong again, eating very little and weak, no desire for food, if only i was losing weight this would be a plus, but i bet i still gain with my crummy metabolism...

book club meeting was fun, next meeting and book at my house. if everyone comes there will be a real seating issue.

this diary is a pure fizzle, home now, still sick and just want to get these dates posted and get well again. i like to track how many days a year we are at the beach, and frankly that is all this post is good for this time!