Tuesday, October 1, 2013

a beach diary 8/29 thru 9/30

oy, big jumps in time, its just impossible keeping a diary here long term, i have been living here for close to 3 months, normally i jot down my day with ease, but life's been a whirlwind and there is no time to write these days. i basically want to keep my diary dates so at year end i can count how many days i have been living here, but this year we have major life changes. i am going to call this post how i spent my summer, i can no longer track my day to day, but i have had 3 driving forces shape my summer here.

number one is the feral and her kittens. if not for snatching them i would have only stayed 2 weeks and returned home for a normal here and there hopscotch we are accustomed to, instead, i stayed to spay and neuter them all at a low cost clinic that took 3 and 1/2 weeks to fit them all in. then they all got sick... more weeks nursing them back to good health, now what? i can't place them, first they are feral, second, i have too much time invested in them, 3rd we have changes coming down the pike and we will just make do with them all here. plus it was often 110 degrees at home, i was in no rush to leave, we have it pretty easy in this tiny house.

meet the terrorists... haley~


annie, she was an orphan for 2 days and until i trapped her~

and their mama daisy, she lived in the daisy bush until caught~

let me just say they are all adapting beautifully...

and not to ignore some of my jumbo guests, mr nick lives in the laundry room, he has kitty aids and can't mingle with the other cats...

but he can hang with the dogs~

peggy sue passed out after a full day of kitten play

gracie and sadie looking, more like yoda...

and some of the truly big boys...

on i stay, we don't want to take them home yet, we have to set things up for them and time drags until until the BIG change... our life is in flux, courted with a new job scott quits within minutes of signing his agreement. suddenly our life is turning turning turning, he as officially retired and we celebrate!

he took 2 weeks off between jobs, he spent that time building my new laundry room, playroom or what i call the aquarium. its not done, but that doesn't stop me from decorating. there is loads to be done, but here is a before and sneak peek of the work in progress. the garage was split in 1/2 with the new wall, i got the window side. you can see the original plywood shelves lined the garage, they were overflowing and a makeover was needed!

i hated doing laundry next to that dirty water heater...

in order to make things better it all had to go outside so he could work in the tiny space. i hauled it in and out everyday, after i left it out one night only to find xmas ornaments strewn around the lawn courtesy of the raccoons. oh, and 3" of fog water puddled on everything... did i mention raccoons eat sea shells too?

from this grand mess great fun has emerged. becasue the space was desperatley needed i started filling cupboards and walls way before completion. we are at about 65% completed, cielings, insulation, mudding, taping, painting, light fixtures, wall mounts, beadboard, ladders, chicken wire cupboards, curtains and furniture are still on the to do list along with loads of finishing touches, but lets just say i am having a ball as is! i have to say i am in love with our ikea cabinets, especially the pull out pantry~

with scotts new job the beach house is an easier commute to work so we have flip-flopped the tables. now i go home on the weekends just to strip the garden, normally i drag it all into the teeny tiny kitchen here, i can't tell you how much fun i had storing my harvest in the aquarium until i use it this week...

life is good, with permanent changes heading our way as we start a new chapter in our lives~