Wednesday, August 7, 2013

a beach diary 7-14 thru 8-5

7/14 sunday

we had so much to do at home that we didn't go to the beach until after 5, making sure we missed the nasty napa traffic as the wineries close and everyone heads back to the city. we left a beautiful 96 degrees and arrived in a mass of cold gray fog, starting a good 20 minutes inland. it was a quick drop and go for us, had dinner at the cafe, it was fish and chips night for 5 bucks, so good and so cheap. thanked nicole for doing a great job watering and feeding the feral. it was 110 when i was home, if the sun came out here it would be hot so it was great having her as back up. all is green and alive except my fuchsias, which i think froze, not burned. did laundry and unpacked my goodies until 10:30, slept fabulous in the cold foggy air with the window open.

7/15 monday

up early and doing laundry by 5am, washing nicks bedding, its been ages... fed the birds, feral, put out the patio furniture and tidied up the garage, got back in bed at 8am, scott is still sleeping and i have been catching up online. been researching my secret ingredient, i am so hungry now the kitchen is calling!

finally out of bed at 9:30, the latest dog walk ever... scott took the girls and i watered in the garden. the grass is 18" high in just 2 weeks, between rain and a few hot days its exploded in areas. scott weed whacked until he ran out of gas and then mowed the lawn. looks so much better, but needs more work, no gas until the end of the week.

while scott worked outside i made us lunch, took me ages, another lavender recipe. it was fantastic, lavender halibut with a wonderful compound butter and fruit salsa. lots of prep, LOADS of taste. the fog is high and thick, like a winters day, makes for lazy people.

scott was cold and crawled in bed to read, i took a hot shower after working in the garden and joined him. we slept the afternoon away, didn't get up until 7:30 pm, again the latest dog walk ever! poor girls are suffering our exhaustion. scott was going to make dinner but i took over and made potato crusted halibut. i had brought over a costco package, which means 6 halibut steaks and i want them all to be different :-)

just a quiet night for us, scott watches tv every night at home, here, its never on, i like to see him reading. he was craving dairy queen, there is nothing around here for 25 miles, i offered him freshly made chocolate chip cookies instead, a far cry from soft serve ice cream, but he muddled though and ate half the batch~

7/16 tuesday

scott left around 4 am this morn, the only reason not earlier is the road is closed until 5 am. i was lucky and fell back to sleep until near 6. no sign of the feral, i am fearful its gone in more ways then one... nicole was feeding him in the afternoons, he should have been around the whole time i was gone, but nothing after 3 days makes me fear the worst.

took the girls out early, saw stella so slunk low on the hill and tried to wait her out, i was in a skirt with cold air blustering around me, coupled with wet high grasses chilled me to the bone. the fog is thick enough to be sprinkling, i can see the sea, but its wet wet wet. i can tell its a do nothing day for me, even though i have bills to pay, i just want to finish the book i started that i don't like and just wipe the slate clean.

found out the house is rented next door starting tomorrow, it gives me a lump in the pit of my stomach, i hate hate hate having an influx of strangers so close...

weather is getting heavier and heavier, losing the point to fog, sure fells like a winters rainy day. watched a baby cottontail go by and a herd of male deer, the males are losing their velvet and sharp points fill the air. i wish my feral would return, it makes me anxious he is missing...

spent the day reading and over eating... i was thrilled to get my secret ingredient box and was in the kitchen cooking within 15' of its arrival. i was going to have fish for dinner, when i read on the jar good with fish i thought why not try something new, and fast, before its too dark for pics. really love the preserved lemons, very different then the bright fresh taste of lemon, its deep and salty flavors are a wonderful new dark sensation for me.

while on the phone with scott i saw my feral coming down the street. he was filthy, but looked good, SO HAPPY HE IS BACK! he ate 3 cans of cat food in less then 15', he must have been starving... i can finally relax, all is well again.

cell phone is acting up, it rings but no way to answer it, the screen never moves to let me accept. oh joy, trapped at the beach with no phone could be problematic, i can be quite chatty :-(

yippee another gift for me today, how exciting, 2 packages in one day by the sea :-) and this one i had my fingers in the minute i tore open the box! meyers lemon salted caramel sauce... how have i lived so long and never known about this, much less i could even make it! oh its so good, i can't wait to make some fabulous desserts. what a treat to be gifted, thank you so much, you made my day!

and it was a tough one, i was forced to work on bills for 4 hours... i save them up until i am pretty sure they will repossess the car, foreclose on the house or ban me from homegoods. i am just lax that way, but sitting here to write checks beats sitting at home even if i can't see across the street in the fog.

yesterday i saw the quail with like 10 baby walnuts running behind them, today they were in my garden under the feeders, tried to get their pics, but they were under the leaves. as i was paying the bills they passed in front of me. the mama stopped where she normally bathes herself in dirt, its a cold wet gray day, suddenly there were no babies in sight... all 10 were under her wing. be still my heart, i don't think i have ever seen that before. life is just a treat here for me, with giant picture windows i always have so much to see~

took the dogs for a late walk, bills done, time to finish up that book for the evening~

7/17 wed

had a great nights sleep, when in the kitchen at 5:30 am the feral was on the deck, i terrified him, but he was thrilled to get his 3 cans of cat food. he doesn't linger here anymore, just wolfs down his food and flees, i fear something bad happened to him here that he is never around anymore. after i download the pic i can see his lip be torn and a cut above his eye, it was a nasty fight, his hair was ripped out on his sides...

went to walk the dogs and stella stepped out the exact time i did, after yesterdays frustrating walk trying to avoid her i put the dogs in the car and went straight to the headlands. its high fog, but a wonderful still warm walk. was heading to the magic beach, but maggie was so far behind with her lame legs we did a quick u turn. she has been struggling for a week now, no relief, i am feeling terrible for her, usually its only a couple of days and passes... still one of my most favorite places to walk, you can pretend you own the whole coastline and be by yourself for ages.

with the high fog i see that the water tower is gone and so are the piles of dirt, returned to a nice level land. they are repairing roads in the village, what a nightmare, on a good day its impossible to pass, throw in their asphalt trucks and forget it... i did a huge loop to the beach to get to the post office, i don't see why they don't do the repairs in winter with far less cars in the area.

finished my book and will sort through some cookbooks i have from the library to see if i want to buy any. another lazy day, with maggie lame 2 walks is plenty for her and i have loads to read and do. feels like the sky is trying to break though, too bad renters will show up today and ruin my potential outdoor time...

oy, and did they ever show up... the owners daughter, who has 5 kids and counting, plus her friend and kids made 11. the noise was deafening as they ran screaming outside for hours... i can't read with noise, there will be no reading...

7/18 thursday

heavy fog, which surprisingly doesn't keep the kids next door inside... at 8am 7 shrieking kids are standing 30' from my bedroom window on a mounded rock eating their breakfast in their hot pink pajamas... i took the dogs for a walk in the headland to escape them, i need quiet...

with low visibility and kids playing LOUDLY just feet from me i cannot read... sooooo, i spend the day shopping online! that is truly not my m.o. yes, i use prime, as i seek books i buy weekly, but to idylly shop is not my thing, unless i am at homegoods... which is having a grand opening next week and a friend and i will be there with bells on as the doors open at 8 am! i was looking for gift ideas for a very generous person i know, and sadly, we tend to seek gifts out that we like, so i was hesitant and asked others their advise, but heck, i will go ahead and just buy a few... dozen... new things for me! i will confess it was great fun!

while sitting in my window shopping the kids were just over my shoulder screeching. after breakfast they change into beachwear, did i mention fog, cold, gray day? they also ALL have dolls. the girls have girl dolls, the boys have boys dolls. they are screeching and running circles around the house, standing and screaming with their arms taut at their side, it was enough for me to take up drinking, and its not even 11 am! i finally opened the window and screamed at them when the boys starting using my string line that marks the property line, meant to keep strangers off my land, as a launching pad for their dolls leap to the heavens. that line has been ripped down 4 times by renters, i feel like its tenement living when the place is rented next door...

chatted a lot on the phone, was a total do nothing day if you exclude shopping... scott was on his way over early for the night, our plans were dinner at the cafe. in and out we go, down to the beach only to find its closed... scott has not had a bite of food all day, we have to drive into town to fill him up. i dressed for the beach, dirty, scummy, comfy, cold, not for inland which will be hot and normal people :-( that limits our dining choices too. ended up at el torrito, which did fine in a pinch... drove down to see the new homegoods, in case they had a soft opening and i could preshop~

came home with the intentions of reading the night away. but wait for it, yes, the 7 out of 9 kids, because the other 2 only crawl, are STILL OUTSIDE SCREAMING! now i am just getting tense, i handled the day pretty good, but its been going on since 8 am, except when they left for 2 hours, and then when they returned the kids never even went inside and come right to my property line to scream again. they even eat outside, its great for the parents, they don't even know they own 7 kids, they are outside terrorizing the neighbor with their constant shrieks...

i hate noise, i don't watch tv and keep music on soft when i play it, i prefer dead quiet, just the birds and the sound of the see. period. hearing screaming kids all day makes me feel like a guitar string that is going to snap with just one to many strums... by 8:30 its dark in the heavy fog and they are STILL OUT!!! we want to go to bed, my husband has been up since 3am and working all day. they are just off our bedroom window. i told my husband i am just going to start screaming like them, see what they would do if they heard an adult go crazy. he said no please don't i have a headache...

we have no where to go to escape the noise, it even comes in the skylight, like invasions of the body snatchers. finally i do snap, its near 9pm, we are tired, and the swear words start flying out of my mouth, i mean a huge string of f this and f that, i have listened to them for 13 hours and i can't take it anymore, i am ready to cry. and then miracle of miracles it is quiet... we wait 15 minutes and can finally crawl in our own bed...

7/19 friday

woke up at 3:30 am and couldn't get back to sleep, i knew scott would be leaving at 4 so why bother... off he goes for the day and i finally get my peace and quiet to read a great book by sarah jio, the last camellia. it fits my mood perfect, england, gardens, mysterious, like a simple yesteryear book. i doze back to sleep in the deep fog only to hear... the screeching kids! but its only for a moment...

i bolted away with the dogs to the headlands to breath in the stillness. fog is so thick i am afraid to let the dogs loose, don't know where the cattle are, i saw one, but they never travel alone. on the way back there were a dozen by the gate, the grasses were so high the dogs didn't see them and all is well. home to hell, kids all outside, i try and brace myself for another day like yesterday, i am weary... and i want to read!

i have an audio book and need to listen to it, it's been to cold to be outside so I decided to clean out fridge and play it while i tidy up. i want to make a few things for mlw mystery ingredient foodie friday, gosh the stuff i have so far is delicious, i just wish i could do pics worthy of the goodies... i made a fabulous puff pastry dessert and debate how to get pics when its so dark you can't see a thing. i don't use lights or tripods, i just hope i have sun and cross my fingers for the best, but when its so dark i can't see the screen i am worried.

i start to eat the fabulous desserts and totally forgot that scott is here tonight... i mean it was a jolt to my system, I HAVE TO SHARE THESE! they were sooooooo good. i was going to make a quick lunch with another of the mysteries when fed ex showed up with another box. yippee, more lemons! now i am curious what i had been using the first time, with the second recipe its far more apparent then in the first. opps! lunch was fabulous, so simple so tasty :-)

the screaming kids all left at noon, which means MORE renters will be here this afternoon... its like living next to motel 6, i hate hate hate this... scott said at least it won't be 9 kids, its not allowed in the rental program.

there has been an odd deer around this week. she seems mentally off... she has a reddish thick coat, looks different and struggles to eat. i tossed out an old tomato, her mouth couldn't eat it, i went out and broke it up for her, she still couldn't manage, almost like lock jaw... she has potty all over her legs and tail, looks unkempt and unwell... she has been just hanging around, stands in daze. she is not thin, just unbalanced. and alone... they are never alone. i worry about her, i don't want her here in case she dies... she just stands alone and different :-(

today i was outside shooting dessert in the fog when i look up and she is standing 10' from me. normally deer don't do that... they come close, but she was like my dog, she should be more cautious. i was afraid she would want to try my dessert, i already know she can't get her mouth around much, but still, i don't want her licking my whip cream so i head inside. i gobble up dessert and was putting the dishes in the sink when i look out the window and there is a newborn fawn!

... THE AHH HAA MOMENT HITS ME! she is a brand new mother. the mess on her is from child birth, she is exhausted and i would say a bit damaged. the fawn is a couple days old, this is the first time it has joined her. it all makes sense, except she can barely make her mouth work. she is different, but now i feel better for her, she needs to get her strength up and pal up with another mommy. i took lots of pics of her baby, right now i think the baby could help the mommy more than the mommy help the baby :-(

the day flew by, scott called 30' out from the house, i was standing in the window admiring the fog and looking for a glimpse of the sea, when off in the corner of my eye i see something small and white... worst news ever, my feral is a mama and she has at least 2 kittens. everything falls into place, i told scott back in may it was acting different, i said what if he is a she and she had a litter and is running back to kittens... i had just told scott 2 hours early i was catching the cat and it could live in our garage here alone, anything is better then scrounging for food and shelter everyday, at least it would be warm, safe and fed. oy, huge can of worms for me.

scott arrives and i am numb over my new problem... to bed early for us and i try to read to relax, my mind is reeling over how to catch them all and get them spade, shots and calm... feral makes this 1000 times harder. ugh, what a pia for me.

7/20 saturday

day in, day out, thick heavy fog, no sign of life, just a wet blanket. good news is that the new renters are the type you always want, one family, quiet, don't step foot outside, would never know they are here. if only it was always like this...

i called the post office to see if they had a package for me and flew down first thing, 2 gifties for me, so excited! had a nice chat in the post office, met a lady that does landscape design out here, i know she was angling to do my house, had to tell her gardens are my thing, but i don't think she believed me~

it is a total do nothing day, scott wants to just read and not move a muscle. at 3 he crawls in bed to nap and we sleep until 7 pm again. he is frantic to get down to the cafe for dinner since they close at 8! they have their new cook, i spend our entire time eavesdropping on the 2 other couples taking about our community. the most telling line was "we look down on the people up on the hill." umm we live on the hill, HOW RUDE! it took all my wits not to turn around and jump in that conversation. i find out from the nicole she is a realtor too...

i finish my book the last camellia, predictable all the way but i still really enjoyed it, started the art forger and fell asleep kindle in hand.

7/21 sunday

up early, i always look first thing for my feral, this time a kitten the size of snowball is sitting on my deck. i take the food bowl out and stand back, mother and baby eat together...

fog. what else is new... scott heads out to weed whack, i come out to prune and tidy up. as i trail behind i see that scott has weed whacked 3 out of 9 bushes i grew from cuttings flat to the ground... i had prewarned him even. i scream you killed 3, he responds i know, i tried not to... tried? he whacks an 8" plant i have been nurturing since february and all he can say is i tried? and its in a hedge, and its color coordinated... i am so ticked off, i tried not to drop on axe on your new convertible top, opps... i tried! only thing soothing the day was the SUN CAME OUT! true, it wasn't a glorious day, but you could see sky and surf and sea, the fog hung off shore, but the whole day was open!

i also could see 2 kittens and mama in the bushes all day. she has moved her family to my neighbors bushes right by my kitchen. this is where she spent her time prebabies, i am thrilled to have them all back and safe with food and my watchful eye.

tina and kim came by as we were eating in the gazebo, they pulled up a couple of chairs and shared stories. stella arrived right after they left and i helped her carry in her groceries and chatted a wee bit, scott was leaving tonight so i wanted to get home. she gave me a beautiful aqua quartz nightlight and asked if i wanted this gorgeous ornate telescope she had bought for her son. he was selling his house and no longer had a place for it, we are the lucky new owners, just need to see the sky again...

scott bbq-ed our dinner, i watched the kittens run and play, i still can't tell if its 2 or 3, they are like monkeys and it was rare to even see 2 side by side, 3 was all too dicey to even tell.

sadlly scott headed home around 7... i barely saw him this time, he was so exhausted and the weather was so foggy we were not motivated for fun... a quiet night of reading for me~

at 8:30 the kittens were wildly running around, i know they did not eat since 6 am, they never crossed away from the bushes. i also know the predators will be out any minute and i can't leave them any food for the night. i open a can of cat food and place it by their bush. one by one the THREE kittens come stand in the bowl. i sat out in the cold dark swirling fog protecting them until they all departed from the bowl. i kept turning on the porch light and could see the white ghosts scampering around on the open grass into the late night... i was a wreck, this is their first night sleeping over, i want them tucked deep in the bushes and out of harms way...

7/22 monday

rough nights sleep, cassie was going crazy on the deer in the front window at 2am, i couldn't get back to sleep until 4. i was oh so groggy at 6am when i took the kitties their food, mama was over instantly, the kittens began running and playing in the bushes. they are mostly white calicos, they stand out like casper in the gray fog and green grass. i pondered all night how to catch them and where to store them until i get all 4... its a total nightmare for me :-(

grabbed the laptop and went back to bed to start checking out the novel bakers lavender week. first up was mary, i relished every last pic and pinned almost every single pic in the novel bakers board and then of course i needed them mixed around my favorite boards... time is flying by and the dogs need walking and my battery needs charging.

i can see the sea through the fog and its a low tide, grab the dogs and we are gone in a twinkle. not a minus tide, i miss the pools, but low enough to walk to the second cove. i spotted for the first time deer tracks. spooky since this cove is only available at low tide. found a perfect small sand dollar. had to bathe the dogs when i got back, sand and sea = mess for me~

eager to get back for lavender week :-)

7/23 tuesday thru friday 8/2!

~~~~~~~~~~~mind the gap~~~~~~~~~~~~~

oy vey, time does fly! today is the first chance i have been relaxed and able to fill in my diary. needless to say the days all melded together to much for specifics, but its been a whirlwind of real life here, none of the my quiet little beach and me moments. basically my life was thrown a curve ball when my neighbor noticed what she thought was 2 dead stretched out cats under her window on wed the 24th... they were my feral kittens napping, but she thought she had to figure out who and how to bury them~

i was trying to keep the ferals all hush hush since things can go askew with others involved with pets. huge long story short, i caught the mother and 2 kittens in one cage by pulling a string shut around a cat carrier feeling like huck fin fishing with a string, while at the other moment under my neighbors outdoor shower her dog was barking madly over the last trapped kitten under her deck. i mean they were nose to nose, one under, one above.

it was crazy and i called scott in a panic to drive 2 hours over to rescue me and that kitten... which he did, left his meeting and came to the heed of need in my voice. he arrived to dismantle the area and no kitten. omg, now what, i have the 3 others and its the smallest one missing...

2 days painfully pass and on that friday the 26th i caught the last cat at 6 pm. you should have heard the cheering from any where in the northern hemisphere, yes it was me. i can't tell you how heart sick i was that the little nursing kitten was alone in the cold with no food, mama or warmth.

family reunited and then comes the real life hard part. all the spaying, i assume i have 4 females since they are calico's, shots and meds etc. i found a low cost program for feral cats that is one stop shopping, but they will only do 2 cats at a time, and i had to wait for an opening 10 days away, and then another week after that...

all that means i am now living at the beach until i wrap up all the P's and Q's with the ferals. the mother has been horrified, i won't even get into the gory details, but its been a huge disaster for me and my time, but i know i am doing the right thing and stopped a major reproduction line. i am only able to touch one, the other 2 kittens are terrified and the mother just assume kill me. oh yes it feels so good doing the right thing...

since i am living here now i managed to hit the grand opening of homegoods 30 minutes a away. there was not a parking space to be had in a brand new shopping center and every cart was gone at 8:20 in the morning. i wanted to christen the store so i picked up a 15 dollar lantern thinking that would be it for me... wrong as usual, after i shoved my way around the jam packed store i had to quit shopping when i could not see over the top of my cart and knew any additional items would require a body slam for a new cart, while protecting my already treasured first cart.

as i get in a mega line rivaling king tuts tour of the country, they had imported at least 50 employees from other stores, some manager from the bay area says what no clothes, its tied to a tj max, could you imagine pushing the leaning tower of pisa around clothing aisles at this stage of the game? when he realized i have no intention of bailing the line to go find jumbo clothing to swaddle me he starts poking around my cart, i had selected some fun balsamics and oils, i swear he was shopping my cart, i feared a slight of his hand i would have lost my fig oil!

i even managed to find a new fluffy reversible cat bed for the fab four, except its turned into a sandbox for the mother who refuses to bury her potty with her babies. perhaps this is how ferals get by in the wild, draw the scent to the mother and away from the babies, but i am doing triple duty diaper runs in my laundromat now thanks to her, and it was such a nice new soft bed :-(

other week highlights were getting gifts by the sea. i received the wonderful meyer lemon madness from the unrattled mlw for her new mystery ingredient club. that was great fun, 2 mistakenly went to the post office and i was very lucky to retrieve them before being returned to sender. i also received a live tree, which sparked the interest of another person there to collect a package in the actually closed post office. we all chatted for 30 minutes about gardens. mind you it was fun chatting, but as i walk out the door her parting words were, whatever they sent you will die here anyway. hows that for a fun bit of garden chat! i can't wait to one day have a fabulous garden up here so she can eat those words, all i need is a huge wind break and i am in like flint!

speaking of gifts, i took my tree to the beach for a little foggy glam photo session. i was accosted by a screaming maroon mouthpiece telling me i can't plant a tree on the dune. it was hysterical to me, but she was such a whack job she wasn't grasping the humor... so beyond hilarious to me, but she was pissed she had to walk up the dune and couldn't arrest me~

the motel next door has been pretty good, i am on the 4th group since the screaming family left, the last 3 were so quiet never knew they were there, MY KIND OF RENTERS! if they stay inside and shut up all is well for me :-) the 3rd couple was young, i mean i wonder if they were even 21, i was on the phone chatting as they pulled up which i thought was for 5 days, he had baggie shorts to his knees, she is wearing a giants t-shirt, i cringe thinking omg there will be 10 of them stuffed next door trying to party as i wave a frying pan in their faces. they unlock the door, close every window shade and never came out for 3 days, IF ONLY THEY WERE ALL LIKE THAT!

the most recent group is some kind of cult... the owners are mormon, i wonder if its some church thing, a corporate type van pulled up and it looked like 8 guys were in it, my gut turns thinking now what. 2 more cars come :-( they are only allowed 8 people ever on the property when renting, so i wonder if its affiliated with the owners which i imagine is unlimited? their van beeps like a bus on street when backing up. they back up a lot... they move with military precision, i hear all the doors close as they file inside, only one shade is up, they left a bit after 8am this morning, one, two, three, four, five, six car doors slamming shut, not a single voice, BEEP BEEP BEEP and down the hill they go~ they leave tomorrow, lets hope its still quiet and tonights not their party night just 15' from my bedroom!

the weather has been foggy the entire time here except for yesterday afternoon and TODAY! which is why i am happy and content to get back to my diary. the wind is howling, which is why the fog is displaced, but its great to see the sea again.

with me living here scott has been bearing the brunt of work... he normally comes on wednesdays, but he missed his family too much and comes 2 times a week and the weekends. its killing him, he gets up at 3:30 am to drive home, works all day and then drives back here at 8 pm to get up and do it again the next day... i love our time together, but its really hard on him...

maggie had been chewing herself last week, i asked scott to look her over while i showered. he said she is fine... the next day she is back at it, i flip her over and on her groin she has a rock hard 4" long egg. we are not near vets here, its sunday afternoon and we are in a quandary how to handle it. i thought it might be an abscess, i just needed a pin to prick it but scott was screaming no... now he screams, he misses this land mine and now has an opinion... we decide to send her home with scott and see our vet in the morning, but that evening i knew it was abscess and was able to start draining it. i was sure it was a foxtail that caused it and it had to be found, we had one dog go through 8 surgeries and they never found it, they travel the whole body and wreck havoc :-( oh and cause your wallet to hemorrhage...

maggie had surgery on monday, it was a nasty wound, he found the foxtail 4" from the entry, had to slice her completely open, he said it was heading for her stomach. she has been in poor health since we got her with liver poisoning, but she is also lame often, they never could diagnose her to the tune of 5 grand 5 years ago. anyway our vet hired a new partner and he looked over her old xrays, told us point blank she has dysplasia and a compacted disk... ALL THIS TIME LATER WE FINALLY KNOW!

how my vet missed i don't know, we were looking at her organs, she had ultra sounds, chinese herbs, we tried so many things, but to learn it was right there on the xray with fresh eyes blows me away. she had to go back for a recheck with scott, her stitches are swollen up like an egg, being so far from care i rather err on caution then to have her falter by the sea. he said she was fine. no beach for her for 2 weeks. if one can't go, none can go in our house~

been having a wonderful stay chatting with laura and stella, today tina screamed at me that the girls were setting off lucy, finally a little payback ;-) been to the cafe loads, out to dinner as a group and going back out this sunday. its an easy peasy life here and i love it, but i came for 2 weeks and will be staying around 6~

been reading loads of great books. i keep finding so many for the novel bakers, i don't know if they will turn on me in unison with one more recommendation, but when you are always reading you come across so much fabulous stuff you just want to share it visually and hope others rush out to buy these wonderful books. people need to read more. we need to urge others to play more with their books :-)

here are some of my traveling cats, from an indoor walrus, to a 4 leaf clover coffe clatch. miss peggy sue follows me around, note the books stacked high, i have read at least a dozen books, barely a dent in the pile~

scott started my laundry room last weekend, it was my mothers day gift since he forgot to get me one... i swear it was off the top of his head, hmm, yes... the next day when he realized he forgot it totally he said for mothers day you finally get your laundry room. and now i am holding him to it! we are splitting the garage in 1/2, one side boy stuff, my side is a homegoods satellite store that comes with a washer dryer and the window. he is not thrilled, i want chicken wire cupboards, chalkboard pantry, ladder for my lanterns, linen closet amoire, walk in closet for all the practical ugly stuff. actually we need an addition here, i have that all laid out in my mind but i can't give him anymore reasons to hate me until this room is done. he also said i could have a green house, he is trying to forget that too, but just like an elephant i am never letting this stuff slide~

as always i can't resist capturing my many guests~

8/3 saturday

trying to see if i can get back on schedule with my diary. scott came over this morning, with me living here for 6 weeks the drive is killing him with the early hours he keep. he stayed home last night to hit the dumps this morn and to bring some lumber for our projects here. he arrived in the sunshine around noon, i served him lunch on the deck, sun is such a rare commodity he just leaned back to take it in. he fell asleep instantly shirtless and happy. i was reading by his side but the freezing fog came in and ditched him. i threw 2 blankets over him, he has been sleeping for hours, i am so shocked the cold hasn't forced him in, this is called pure exhaustion.

lost my glasses this morn and went to retrace my dog walk to try and find them, bumped into tina walking her dog in her pj's, i do love the casual life here. the sick part was i came home and ordered another set of glasses, they were my favorite, i tore the house apart, patted myself down 10 times, i tuck my glasses in my cleavage for safe keeping, think grand tetons, huge valleys to hold foot long submarine sandwiches in there. just after i place my order i feel something... my glasses had migrated to my arm pit... how pathetic is that that i never even knew :-( even sadder i am putting it in print!

ordered 6 jars of meyers caramel salted sauce, its arriving today, i feel like i have won the lottery! i plan to share 2 jars and drink the rest :-) ok, maybe just 3, i am making puff pastry pears again~

started steven kings book 11/22/63, really like it, been reading so many great books in a row, makes me so happy, a few clinkers and the world turns sour~

a house 2 doors down put in a new glassed in patio, it now sounds like a wind chime everyday the wind kicks in. its ok because i am down the street, if i lived there i would be insane that my house was humming... like a fog horn but far more constant.

scott slept outside in the cold wet windy fog for 4.5 hours, shirtless with only a few soggy blankets over him. he walked in looking even more exhausted... and GRUMPY! oh joy, just how i like to spend my weekends... oh and he was hungry too...

while he was napping i knew my box of crack was due any minute, i made some puff pastry pears for the event, eager to get back to magical meyer lemon caramel sauce. i took a jar and pear to stella, i do like to share the good stuff~

with scott here i am off dog duty, the weather was so thick and horrid i decided to put on my jammies and get in bed to read at 5 pm, what a treat! i love my new book and scott was put on dinner patrol. he bbq-ed a huge dry rubbed steak, made rosemary red potatoes and fresh tomatoes with balsamic, it was all delish, sadly he got the second pear and i was crushed i didn't make a million more... i was back in bed reading before the table was even cleared, scott joined me shortly and he was sound asleep by 8 pm again~

8/4 sunday

we got up late this morn, the fog is so thick its wet like rain. scott didn't walk the dogs until 9, i made us breakfast and used the last of the fresh fruit to make a nectarine tart as a vehicle for the meyers magical sauce :-)

today we are suppose to be making the cat's cage post surgery, but scott is pokey dokey... he is over at stellas now, she made him succotash, don't even know what it is, but scott loves things i don't. still have loads to cook for the one day he is here, but we are going out to dinner with friends again tonight so the food is stacking up on the runway to rot...

will spend the day trying to read between project management and then out to dinner at 7~

scott dawdled until 1 pm reading the paper until i finally screamed at him i really needed this cat project underway and completed, his famous last words were if you don't think i can build a box in 5 hours there is something wrong with me. DING DING DING, ring one for the wife, there IS something wrong with him...

first i asked him to bring hinges, he tells me he has a whole box of them here, bingo no hinges, not enough wood and a multitude of whatever else could go wrong and i am pissed. he has to head into town, its at least 90 minutes off the clock and i am angry at his casual approach to this even when i screamed to get going in the first place. needless to say it was a fiasco, thankfully our dinner date canceled, her husband was on call and he had to go to the hospital, for the record he worked until 9:30 to get it all done and in the house.

time was critical for this, i needed the cage done while he was here so i could move the kittens into it to live while i fake out the mother and feed her in the live trap. its all about timing these 4 for the spaying wed morning and i am a little freaked out. they are doing me a favor to be allowed to bring 2 of them, but the mother is very feral and i need this all to work out so i don't have any contact with her. if i can't get her in the live trap tuesday night i am sunk, food is a real issue time wise too because no food or water allowed 12 hours before. my main fear is she is pregnant NOW, i want her in so i don't have to face that problem if she misses her window... oy, the things i do for fur, ok WE!

8-5 monday

scott left at his ungodly hour and i am doing a system restore to the house. the cage looks like a giant coffin, its huge and the kittens are enjoying playing in it, i hear their ball run across the floor and every time i pop in someone, or 3, are in a cat bed, eating, playing, etc. my fear is trying to catch the littlest and most hidden one, it has been living inside the sofa, i am worried if i can catch it at all...

took the dogs for a walk and maggie is so painfully slow it breaks my heart. between surgery, hip and back problems its taken a huge toll on her. no beach for 2 weeks with her stitches AT LEAST. the fog is so wet its raining almost everyday anyway, right now living here feels like real life, i never see the sea and i have all my regular life chores and reality living here so the magic of sea dream is masked with reality these days. once these cats are fixed that will be a huge relief of my mind and time, its been kitty daycare and trying at best.

a couple of weeks ago we went to a salvage yard and i got some old fruit crates, there were a steal and i want to go get a few more this week. i spent the day crafting with them. i kept saying just do one, and then suddenly i was playing with all 3. i want them at both houses is my excuse now, i bought them to haul fruit at home, but they are very fun vehicles and now i think a few seaside versions would be great fun.

went to walk the dogs at their normal hour, everyone with dogs here has a pattern, i let mine off leash so i stick to my time frame so we don't bump into others, mine can be aggressive and territorial and i want to avoid any conflict. as i step out from my house i see a white truck parked where we walk, this is a private community, all roads are private, there is no parking. i yell over 4 times as i am walking there is no parking here, i don't want to get near strangers with my dog, plus rule breakers make me nervous anyway. bottom line is the man is trying to steal a street sign, he steps away from it and starts pretending to take pics with his cell phone. let me tell you you can only see 200', there is nothing to see in the fog.

i scream you have to leave my dogs are aggressive, this is private. he is giving me attitude. he gets in his truck, i am about 100' away, he is blocking the road i walk down with the dogs so i stand with my hands on my hips. he ain't leaving... we have security, there is a retired cop down the street and a retired highway patrol man a few houses away, but i don't have my phone... after what feels like forever he does a u turn and heads his truck to me and says what are you trying to tell me. i said there is no parking, this a private street, he tells me he has rented the house down the street and points to it... i know the owner that has been living there full time since december, its a flat out lie. i say oh really, i know the owner, you are telling me are renting that house, he says yes, i was married there. ALL LIES, he is scary, threatening, and not yielding to you can't be here, instead he is making me wish i had a cell to call security :-(

he drives off yelling something to me about being where he wants to be, i am shaking inside... i didn't even walk the dogs, i was to afraid to go down the hill and loop around because it is desolate and all the homes nearby are empty for the week. i am sure he came up from the campgrounds, its rough down there, i feel out of my element and shaky nervous.

i live in a glass house, he saw me walking over, i feel exposed to say the least. i went to my neighbors house and warned her, told her if she sees the truck to call security and don't walk your dog down there if he returns. she was upset i had confronted him, she has been here a long time and as she said you don't know what kind of people they are to stay away. i tend to agree, i am used to taking things head on, if i didn't have 2 dogs straining on the leash, it may have been a very different scenario...

was nervous for hours, chatted on the phone a bit to calm down, to undone to read. i was able to snatch all 3 kittens and put them in their new box. i then baited the live trap and the mother took the food. things are all lining up perfectly for their spaying, fingers crossed it goes well tuesday and 2 little pumpkins are spayed and given all their shots and ready to face the world again on wednesday.

normally my diary is filled with photos*** as i share all my words, just the reverse of my blog where i let the pics do the talking. life has been so chaotic here that i don't have time to look over weeks of pics, i have loads of cute things like kittens, crafts, wildlife, projects to add, but time is different this stay. its not my normal lazy hazy days at sea dream where i am one with the sea and looking for whales and pondering which book to read for the day, right now it feels like real life all shrouded under a very low wet gray sky~

*** i am working to fill them in slowly!