Monday, July 1, 2013

a beach diary 6-22 thru 6-27

6-22 friday

had a pretty successful few days at homegoods, i thought we could take my car over, preloaded, but i ended up painting the 2 chairs and the truck was required to haul this huge happy family over once again. i filled my new basket to the brim with grapefruits, this year they are the size of tangerines, but squeeze enough and it will be a great glass of juice.

scott got out early and it was a race to beach to get to the cafe before closing. passed a helicopter being towed on the freeway, always such an odd sight to me, traffic was heavy in napa until the sonoma turn off then we zipped off to the cafe. we were the only ones there, sun was still high and dry, a wonderful welcome home to sea dream.

with the wind it was biting cold, i tried to water in my stressed plants but my toes were frozen in sandals, i was so eager to save them i didn't even put on my garden clogs. stayed out until the sunset as scott unpacked the truck and i fussed with unhappy plants.

HUGE supermoon on the horizon, its going to be a VERY bright night!

started my new book a tale for the time being, it is excellent~

6-23 saturday

i woke up at 4:30 am, its so darn bright from the moon i am thrilled i slept as much as i did. i was wowed by the moon sinking down to the sea, i missed it setting, i was already outside in the garden watering in the still of the morn before the sun rose. the winds howl here, starting by noon, predawn is so calm and peaceful one could pretend it was heaven here 24 hours a day, but that quickly changes as the house shakes rattles and rolls every later afternoon. its another fabulous sunny morn, i cherish them, summers are brutal on the coast with heavy cold fog never lifting for weeks at a time.

i spent 3 hours watering, tidying up the garage, putting out the cushions, feeding the birds, washing the windows, i needed to get it all done early because today is the lavender festival and i am eager to be on the road by 9. was wonderful watching the jack rabbits, deer, turkey, quail and best of all my feral kitty greet the morning sun with me.

we took back country roads to kenwood, the festival is just 2 miles from where my parents and sister used to live, the area is a flood or memories for me. i have never been to this winery before or i would have seen this place, its always fun going somewhere new. i have never been to a festival either, i am only going for the novel bakers, a new experience for me to report back on lavender week. this is why i enjoy group efforts so much, it allows you to step out of your day to day, to seek out the new and different for yourself.

i knew we were in for fun when we were greeted by a sea of purple clad employees, every where you look is a splash of purple. come back in august for the whole scoop, but let me say we BOTH had a great day, scott had planned to sit in the car when he found out it cost ten bucks per person, but i demanded he be my escort and he truly enjoyed himself :-) lets just say i came home with a lavender spa~

stopped in the grocery store to stock me up for the week. i was exhausted on the ride home with 4 hours sleep 2 days in a row, it was a hot day, i dozed off in the car before we even got home... just like a proud sr citizen :-) i knew i was toast for the afternoon, the winds were howling anyways so headed back to the study to read aka a nap since i knew i my head wasn't going to be upright for long. passed out for 3 hours... i love getting back what i miss. i am like a wind up doll, tons of energy, but when the batteries die, i just keel over.

spent the evening reading and starring at the sea. i LOVE my new book, i think i figured it out on page 64, i can't wait to see how i do, but no matter what, its an excellent read and i am completely enthralled with the book.

6-24 sunday

and the fog is back, so thick i can't see across the street. fed my feral first thing, he was waiting under the deck. the renters next door had kids screaming outside at 6 am, i am up, but that doesn't mean i want to hear them, and scott is NOT up... they also have cars parked in the street, totally illegal in our community, the saving grace is that the owner of the rental program has rented the house kitty corner, she was knocking on their door taking care of biz nice and early today, if only she was always here...

it is an extremely low minus tide with the super moon. the crowds are here for clamming in the mudflats in the bay, i am sure thats why the renters are here, they were heading down for the minus tides to murder clams... scott went to get a paper and said the public places are jammed with parked cars.

rain is due for 3 days, i am stunned, scott said its a real storm, 1-3", we rarely get rain ever for 9 months of the year, certainly not now, but to read this actually has some real moisture is even odder. now i wonder if i will get scared in the storms after that horrifying electrical storm of a lifetime just a couple weeks back... i came over to read, stormy days are perfect, i have 3 library books to catch up on, as long as i am not quaking with fear, mission should be accomplished~

very very lazy day. scott went and got a paper first thing in the rain and fog, i made us a wonderfully decadent breakfast, lavender dutch babies. omg is all i can say, beyond fabulous. we ate so much we went back to bed... well scott was cold and i was happy to read snuggling... and then we both slept for hours into the afternoon. our tanks are low to put it mildly. we spent the entire day in bed, with visibility near zero, light rain who cares what we did. sun makes me feel the need to be busy, dark days, i can unplug with ease and read the day way.

only got up to make dinner :-) more lavender of course... and it was killer good too, baked goat cheese salad with garlic croutons and warm lavender dijon dressing. we both licked the plate, scott polished off everything, he said he never knew salad could smell so good.

scott headed home late and i fell into the black whole of pinterest. i have avoided it like the plague, to me its just a warehouse of stolen goods... but then i joined for the novel bakers and took the many bookmarks i had to make recipes later, pinned them and totally got hooked... i have saved pics for decades from online, i never understood the need for this place, but it is an easy reference place. i am treating it like my old web albums at picturetrail, the difference is that some how others see what you are doing, which freaked me out when i posted a link and 20 people repinned it in a few hours. how in heck do they know what i am doing, it scared me, like i was typing behind a 2 way mirror :-(

took scott hours to get home, rain, fog, accidents, and then when he gets home he discovers our locked mailbox was broken into and our mail was stolen... now i have to wonder what was compromised. i am lax with due dates as is, i will never know if something is missing :-( i hate criminals...

6-25 monday

its another day just like before, 50' is as far as my eye can see... but i do see the feral around 6 am hungry and wet :-( i walked the dogs in my skirt, so much more cozy to read in then wet jeans, it also meant no off roading, i wanted to be drier then normal and not trailing my skirt through the high grasses.

today was the launch of the novel bakers, all my homework is being exposed for what it is, childish play, but it still makes me smile. its fun having a purpose to blog, everyone did such an excellent job i only hope they got joy from playing too. spent the morning admiring their posts and sinking back into pinterest... i don't understand it, finally i am grasping little bits and pieces the longer i poke around, it does have glitches, i can't see some boards ever and and other odd quirks, being so new i just assumed it was user error.

finished my book, made corn chowder with garlic and basil after mary's delish looking post and just relaxed the entire day away without a care of worry.

6-26 tuesday

awakened at 4 am with heavy rain pinging on the windows and skylights. i had to pry my eyes open to realize it is summer... storm is from alaska, no different then any other winter storm, except its almost july :-( no worries, another perfect day for reading. had my morning guests to tend too~

as long as i have to walk the dogs in the rain anyway, i decide to head to the beach for a low minus tide romp in the rain. we are the only ones there, half the parking lot is flooded. either i slept deeply or my hearing is going, there was a large river wash from the cliffs, i am surprised at all the run off. i found 3 huge crabs, the type you pay a heavy price for a fishermans wharf. i dashed them back out to sea, at the risk of life and limb, they were huge and heavy and way to active with pinchers waving around like an octopus. dogs had a great run and swim, now they are paying the price in the garage, i had vacuumed before i decided it was a beach day for them, since the house is clean, and they are not, que sera sera.

scott gave me good news, our mailbox was destroyed friday night, we had already taken the mail, the carrier didn't deliver to us on saturday and all is well, nothing stolen.

with the steady rain, time for a new book, its going to be an easy peasy week, just need to plant my iris before i leave, storms head out tomorrow.

chatted the afternoon away and started a new disturbing book, sadly i like it!

6-27 wednesday

had a greats night sleep, woke up refreshed and ready to see what the novel bakers have prepared. always so much to do in the morn with the pets needing me first, the birds, deer, feral and today a skunk... its another thick as thieves kind of sky, have not seen sun since saturday, but for a glimmer in time i saw the shoreline peek through, and of course its that minus tide that makes my blood boil. nothing gets me out the door faster then a huge vast wet shoreline. oddly enough it always makes me think of the tsunami, when people were first so unaware as the sea retreated, they were excited to go see what was being revealed... i have that same unstoppable lure, but i study the tide charts daily...

quite a few cars for first thing in morning on a very murky day, they were moving sand with the tractor out of the parking lot so i moved to the farthest end. there were at least a dozen people not 10' from the lot digging a HUGE hole in the sand. there was a pile of wood that looked they felled the largest tree in 50 miles, i mean you could heat a home for a month in the sierras, how odd... as i pass the many cars blocking them, i see they have pieces of corrugated tin, hmm, shanty town moving in? i keep driving and then i see at least 50 pieces of pottery, they are building a kiln! i was so excited, i would have loved to take pics but i gots me some eager dogs! what a great way to save money, fire you stuff up at the beach for almost free after you pay your entrance. so curious how long it takes and how they can control the temps, but i am sure this is not their first rodeo.

such a foggy day i could barely see the dogs, there were 2 other dogs, one i see almost every time we go, but there was a large golden retriever that maggie tried to fight. she truly is a bitch... as we are heading back this dog is still alone, sitting out on the shore line staring at the foggy sea... my heart is breaking for him, is he lost, abandoned, or can i hope his daddy is out surfing... i can't even see the waves its such heavy fog, but the dog sits and stares and stares. with maggie i can offer no help and we head home. pass the kiln process and i see that quite a few of the vases have noses on them :-)

back home in the fog to start pinning all the novel bakers pics in a separate folder. i am wild over all their creative talents, but i am still a novice at this pinning thing. for every 20 pics i pin my computer freezes. took the better part of the morn to get that wrapped up. feeling the pressure of heading home all to soon, i want to garden but its still too wet from the fog and rain all week, tomorrows my last day and i am gambling it will be a pretty send off.

chatted on the phone a good chunk of the afternoon and suddenly with no warning the sky began to part and i saw a color i have not seen in many moons, BLUE! headed outside to the gazebo to read and relish in the warm calm afternoon. the sea was blanket of white as far as the eye could see, it was like i was flying looking down on the lost world. its easy not to read when beautiful... the yellow finches were feeding, my feral kitty came by for a snack, maggie was chasing bees, a mama and 2 fawns were eating the old melon skin i tossed aside for them. pure peace and contentment.

good news on a friends surgery, she called me just hours after getting home, fingers crossed she will be good as new in a month.

it was so gorgeous as the sea began to appear that i had to grab the camera and click away at the ebb and flow... its magic to me, may i always be enchanted with sea dream.

took maggie for a little stroll, she is so easy peasy compared to cassie who chases deer and rabbits. maggie was 50' from the deer and didn't even look up. more chit chat until later then i thought, i still need to really walk the dogs and feed them.

was so magnificent i took them to the headlands, warm and wonderful... i came home still clicking, by the time i fed the dogs the sea was gone again. right now the fog is in my front yard, the back is sunny, but if i blink it too will be disappearing. thrilled i got to enjoy the sun even for a few hours, returning home to over 100 degrees all next week. dang i love it here a little too much...

6-28 thursday

up and outdoors at 5 to feed the feral. you can see the sun burning on the horizon behind the veil of fog, perhaps this morning sun will be set free soon. another minus tide around 9 this morn, decided to plant my iris first then take the dogs when the garden was planted and watered. the sun tried to crack though, so much swirling, my backyard is almost free but its a constant battle.

garden work done and time to pop down to the beach, driving down the visibility was getting worse and worse, soon i was lucky to see 50' ahead... for the first time ever there was a line at the beach to get in. one whole car... i experienced road rage! i am so used to driving in flashing my pass, but these people turned off their engine and start asking a multitude of questions... yes its a beach for freakin sake, but to be honest, the fog was so thick you could have been at a ski resort. they fumbled for a wallet, then when given their change they still keep fumbling with the engine off, I WAS GOING CRAZY! i have 2 dogs going nuts to get out, WE ARE AT THE BEACH! these people could have been waiting for the second coming, I GOTS DOGS TO WALK!

i race around them like my tail was on fire... i am so not a patient person. i park at the far end, i usually park in the middle but the fog is so thick i can't tell if there are other dogs there, just loads of car so we head off alone at the end. cassie amd maggie are charging ahead, and then i see cassie falter... i can barely see, but i assume dogs must be over the dune. i trudge up the wet sand and cannot even see the water line its so thick, but then i see loads of shapes and dogs... its the large 8:30 m-f crowd walking there 10 plus dog pack on my side of the beach... i am floored...

they have aggressive dogs, i have never seen them once on this side, their pack dominates so they need the larger side. i just froze, and now i see why cassie was afraid, she could smell them, she is like an elephant and never forgets, they charged her back to the car once. maggie is ready to take them on, so much for a beach walk, i did a sharp U turn and headed home. its not relaxing walking your dogs when you know trouble is smack dab in front of you... well if you could see through the fog~ i felt so disheartened, a, that they are on my side now, b, that i leave at 4am tomorrow and won't be able to get another minus tide walk in... if their dogs weren't so untrustworthy i would have screamed WHY ARE YOU ON MY SIDE, i felt violated!

as i leave the parking lot i see that their end of the beach parking lot is closed off for a private party, i bet so is that side of the beach too then, thank heavens, if they were switching sides i would be crushed, i love my early morning walks, i go before them, but i would run into them every time coming back and i don't need any stressful starts to our day.

with a foggy morn and barely nothing more to do then read and ready the house for an extra early exit tomorrow i am feeling light as a breeze. reading a disturbing book, i like it, but will be happy to power through it and start something a little more even keel.

yippee, just got approved for my aol beta reader! its great, just like google format, phew, i was going to miss my reader. its so easy to have one stop shopping, plus its faster then google, it has posts before google. my blog is not on bloggers feed at all, i was surprised to see me present and accounted for at aol and bloglovin.

the sun broke out at 4, windy, but i needed to be outside and headed to the gazebo with maggie to read. finished my book just as scott arrived. quick dog walk and out to dinner for us. i dread leaving, i am so attached to sea dream living, cool, flat and easy, oh and ever changing beauty. my feral hung around the afternoon, makes me feel even worse leaving him behind... at dinner i hired nicole to stop by to feed him and water the garden on my extended absences. she may not be out every day, but its better then nothing...

6-29 friday

i woke up hot at 3 am, even with the window open, you can just imagine how much trouble i will be in when head back to hades... to make it easy i slept in the study, i knew the cats would follow me and we could cage them easier from that room. they hate the carriers, its a constant battle, they love coming to the beach, but the transportation leaves us bloody and scarred every single time... scott was up at 4:30 am packing us up and out the door in millisecond. this time i was the bloody one... NO fog, its was a gorgeous clear night, makes me sad, i have not seen a sunrise for a week and its the day i am leaving...

on the way home i tried to see the novel bakers on my cell, they are too darn good for the tiny screen, i am eager to get home, tidy up and come see them larger then life on the laptop! it was worth the wait, they played their hearts out. i was so hungry after reading their posts that i spent the most money i ever have in my life at costco... they owe me on that one!

with the house fully stocked for a month, or two even, i headed outside to try a new recipe... it was so hot i was getting ill. from the cold sea to the high of 109 today, i was not coping well... i had jeans on and a tank top from the beach, to lazy to walk upstairs for shorts. i was SO hot in the sun i ended up stripping on the deck and hosing myself down like a wild beast. welcome home, its even hotter tomorrow... and now you can see why its my sea dream in more ways than one~