Sunday, August 11, 2013

110 degrees in the shade...

and its going to be another scorcher...

for over a week our temps ranged from 106 to 111 degrees, tired of feeling like i live in an oven, i decided it was time to put my broiling sun to work for me. rather then cowering indoors on the a/c vent, i bravely stood in the blazing sun, it must have been well over 125 degrees in the full sun as i cut my roma tomatoes and laced them with herbs and spices.

i sliced the tomatoes into thirds, after i trimmed off the ends, which i tossed to the family of deer just below my deck, eager for a moist morsel. for the novel bakers lavender week we went to a gorgeous winery with lavender fields and goodies, today was the perfect day to sprinkle on my new pink himaylian lavender finishing salt, herbs de provence, lavender and lavender spice rub. i also spread some fresh cut basil and rosemary on another tray.

a couple of years ago my husband made me several stacking trays from old palettes for all the fresh fruit i am able to pick almost year round. i took window screen material and fitted them inside the trays and then covered the tops, secured with push pins, to keep out the insects and birds.

i had to bring the trays in at night because my deck has a fountain that entertains raccoons and foxes nightly, i just knew they would love my sun dried tomatoes just as much as me... my husband commented on how heavenly our laundry room smelled while they rested overnight. in the midst of heat wave i knew these would be ready in no more then 2 days, i kept taste testing them, i thought they were perfect in just a half of a day, but decided to give them 2 full days to see what our temps could really do. after drying to the plumpness of raisin, i firmly pressed them tightly in an air tight jar and covered with olive oil.

i let them rest a few days, i could hardly wait to enjoy my summer in a jar from start to finish~


  1. Oh you are so smart to use the sun as your oven... I can just image their wonderful CA infused sunshine flavor with the herbes de Provence and lavender! Beautiful photos, I'm still experiencing pallet tray envy and I'm sunshine deprived so your gorgeous hillside backdrop is balm to the soul. We've had 14 inches of rain in June & July~ our total annual rainfall last year was 20 so we're thoroughly soaked. Thanks for the taste of sunshine this morning!

  2. OH. MY. Goodness. I never thought about where sun dried tomatoes actually came from! Your photos have me drooling, wow! That makes the intense heat worth it right! Gorgeous! Lovely Lavender week continues~I really need to try this, the hot summer sun in Alabama ought to be perfect!

  3. Wonderful!! Wish I could give them a taste! I just love garden-fresh tomatoes, and the way you dressed them...yum! So happy you are giving us a few more posts on lavender. Just can't get enough.

  4. Those tomatoes look delicious! It has been a really hot summer, but Wow! those temps where you live are unbearable!

    1. don't forget i have the exact opposite too, at the beach, the foggiest beach in the world, no lie, its always cold, dark and gray, i need an inbetween house thats just right!

      ok, i found it, but scott didn't buy it for me ;-) but we tried!

  5. I can relate to that kind of triple digits, but never thought of using it to my advantage like this. You are certainly on top of things! I don't eat fresh tomatoes, but those sun dried tomatoes, now that's a different story. They look delicious spread on that yummy cheese.

  6. If you hear a dripping, sniffling sound, it's me, wishing I'd planted romas. My mouth fills as I stare at your romas transforming from fresh-picked to sun-dried. I can feel the weight of the knife as it cuts through the cheese, hear the snap of bread as I break off a hunk. Lavender and sun-dried tomatoes and basil...I can see why your laundry room was aromatic. Such a delicious post. You took the California heat and created something divine.

  7. Oh my goodness, that's a jar of summer right there!