Monday, June 10, 2013

a beach diary 6-3 thru 6-9

6-3 monday

woke up early to a foggy day, my body is broken and battered, but i want to finish planting my new garden. out digging by 6am, was on a hot roll but i knew i had to stop and walk the dogs around 8, filthy and in garden apron i took them out, poor maggie can barely walk, her leg is lame again... i am shuffling right along with her, my feet are in so much pain i could cry... dogs walked and i was able to plant every single thing, including the iris bed, done at 1:30.

i hobble in knowing i still have tons more to do for the day... but i am so freaking tired after days of poor sleep, manual labor and broken feet i know i can't push on. scott encourages me to tale a nap, an excellent idea! i crawl in bed and pass out for over 3 hours, i mean my head didn't even hit the pillow and i knew i was out cold. woke up still tired, but at least i am collecting missed hours here and there.

time for the kitchen, the fridge is going to be full of rotten food if i don't start cooking, so i premade numerous meals for the week, shrimp salad for my lunch guest tomorrow, stroganoff and shepherds pie for scott and berry pie with ginger whip cream for tomorrows dessert. its now 7pm and i have to walk the dogs still, both maggie and i can only shuffle, i actually tried to carry her but could not even manage 50 feet... finally at 7:25 i got to sit down and call it a day, i ache all over. but my feet are scary throbbing. i took advil and waddle off to bed. i have not read a book for a week, just like i suspected the last book was going to give me trouble, i was to tired to even try to read. i feel asleep by 8, woke up and called scott to tell him goodnight, and then i slept all the way thru 5 am, sleep oh blessed sleep!

6-4 tues

tricia is coming at 8 today, i need to water the plants and vacuum, have all the food ready and will make some mini cinnamon rolls when she gets here.

outside dragging hoses when she pulls up near 7, the gab fest is on. we walked the headlands, noted wildflowers, visited the beach and had a great lunch and visit, blinked and 6 hours later she is heading back towards home and i am finally feeling like i can rest the remainder of the week. no obligations, no manual labor, no stress, no worries, just me and a pile of books to catch up on~

just as i was saying i have not seen a doe in 6 months a mama came by with twins, i was trying to get their pics in the lavender, not successfully...

6-5 wed

oy, i do have stress, i have to finish 2 books today to go back with scott... one down and its near 3 pm and i could bet i won't a have a chance to read it when scott is coming tonight i am not going to be curling up to read after he has driven over to see his family again...

started reading at 7 and got an hour in before the dogs walk, then in the fog i headed outside to read on the deck. as usual, i tend to wander when outside, especially with the beginnings of a new garden, there is more of a reason to walk about... for the first time i could hear the fog horn at bodega bay 5 miles away as the crow flies. put a huge smile on my face, must have just been the way the air flowed because have never heard it before, i hear the buoys at sea often enough, never the fog horn.

felt great to read and not be tired, peggy has settled in and after 2 days of napping i have filled in all the missing hours she robbed from me for a week of crummy sleep. to be able to read and hold my head high again feels like such an accomplishment!

i did have a very rough start to the book i just finished, the end of the point, i could not get into it since i missed the first 50 pages cementing me into the story the first night, but i always finish what i start. finally, 7 days later reading 10 pages here and there around page 80 i found my rhythm again and it was really a wonderful book. especially when reading seaside, i adore books of the sea by the sea. so many parts resonated in me, like her quote from flaubert "life must be a constant education; you've got to learn everything, from speaking to dying". that is why i always finish what i start, if i bail out early you never know what you will be missing, sometimes you just don't get the right time to start a book, no reason to give up, just keep trying and you may be very pleasantly surprised.

spent all day outside reading in the cold fog with a mug of hot tea, brought the dogs out with leftover bbq ribs, maggie was being fussy and was not interested. she rolled on her back and looked cute, i forget she didn't eat her bone. was inside reading the last pages of the book when the vultures kept dropping below my window, over and over... hmm thats odd. i finish my story and go into the kitchen for more tea and out my window are 8 of them... eating maggies bone! what keen sense of smell they must have. was macabre watching them pick the bone clean with the cattle lined up at the fence watching them... i hate being near the cows, it freaks me out, i should be a vegetarian, but i am not, but they make me feel wretched :-(

speaking of wild life, this little one showed up in daylight, finally some worthy pics~

scott arrived around 7, he goes from 100 degrees to 50, its always a quick change for him into his alaskan attire. he brought over some old chairs and urns for me to use in the pavilion. i surprised him with his own shrimp boat, he is not enchanted with the foods i love, the lighter fare, he likes heavy duty meals, but he loved the salad and washed it down with stroganoff in a bowl of mashed potatoes, we were both happy!

tonights nature hour took on a twist, every night round dusk comes the skunk, fox, deer, well they are here all day, raccoons, possums etc, its just the nature channel, but today i was eating cocoa crispies from the box when i was reading, i was messy and spattering little bits and pieces from my sticky hands all over the deck and grass. first up was the skunk, oh so happy eating the bits, over saunters the raccoon... and the fight is on! let me say there could only be a couple dozen crispies, but it was manna from heaven to them, the raccoon was 1' from the skunk when the skunk punched him, just like a cat! he backed up worried he was going to get punched back, but the raccoon did nothing so the skunk smacked him 3 more times. i can't believe i created such disharmony over cocoa crispies~

6-6 thurs

scott left at 3:30 am, which means i never go back to sleep... i don't do well this early, i will pay for it later in the afternoon when i turn into a zombie. i spent the entire day outside in the cold fog reading, the cool weather keeps me alert. reading an interesting book called the supremes at earls all you can eat. its about 3 black female friends during the 50s on up to present, they are all in their 50s plus now, the first page was about menopause and crawling in the fridge, she said if any one walked in they would think she was to stupid to know how to properly commit suicide, i was already hooked. the part that is so interesting to me is this is chick lit written by a male. i really enjoyed it too, its been a long time since i read a girl book but i found so much fascinating from the cheating spouse being accepted for a multitude of reasons, including being sanctioned by the preacher that its the womans duty to keep it together no matter what. the authors father is a preacher too. i think those characters are gonna stick with me for a while now~

just as i was getting ready to take a nap around 4 i am invited over for cocktails and to meet a few new people... i am exhausted, beyond comprehension, i act drunk when tired, its not pretty, i actually slur my words and can't form sentences... i try and decline but i can tell i am not sounding kind about it. i quickly take a nap, only to sleep past arrival time, i am now in a hazy stupor, but better then i was before. the cold air wakes me up too. met a delightful woman who used to live a few doors down that now lives in town on a 10 acre farm, she is widowed, not what i imagine she thought she would be doing alone late in life tending to sheep, chickens, feeding the foxes and raccoons, now that is someone truly living an exhausting life! came home with a big bowl of chicken soup, so thick it could have been a stew for tomorrows lunch. of course i pass right out the minute i get home~

6-7 fri

a foggy morn, perfect for reading, just a quick dog walk and back to plop down for serious me time. i tend to get antsy these days and end up heading outside mid morning to water the plants, the winds are always awful in spring no matter how wet and drizzly the day is, the wind can still ruin new plants. while out doug was cleaning up after a delivery and had a nice chat with him from our sides of the street. after much chatting he invited me into to see his work.

after a nice break i just want to finish this book so scott can take it back to the library for me, the gazebo is in great shape with new floor and i ordered new cushions and pillows to arrive here with pronto prime. i headed outside to read again after the deck was in the deep shade, the back of my property is in full sun until the very last rays sink beneath the sea. was pure heaven... scott was on his way over and arrived just as i had 10 pages to finish. he walked the dogs and then we headed down to the cafe for a quick dinner. welcome back baby, its gonna be a fun weekend~

6-8 sat

up again at 3:30am... scott had to use the bathroom so i trailed behind him, there is only one bath here, i could have killed him as he dawdled, i am at the age where there is no control, if i think i have to go potty its already too late kind of thing, i am now screaming at him to hurry up in the middle of the night, he hadn't a clue i was up... meanwhile i am leaking all over the house, but for the first time in a week the sky is clear, i can see the milky way, omg its breathtaking... i have lived in gorgeous places, lake tahoe, elevation 6500, i have seen stars, we live in the country, i know stars, but i have to say over the expanse of the sea stars change... they pop more in some odd way. and the milky way is truly one giant milky wave, never seen in like that anywhere else ever.

ok business is done, back to bed to hope i can doze off again, but i have already been up, drizzled here and there, screamed and sight see-ed, do i really think there is a chance in heck now i can just doze off again? i have the kind of brain that wakes up INSTANTLY, boom i am there and present, which is why when i get tired the unplugged feeling is scary... i know its useless but i try, and then scott begins to snore... it took all my reserve not to punch him! i grab my cell, kindle fire and book, time to entertain myself until dawns early light...

by 6 am i am in the kitchen cooking, working on my homework. there is so much more i could expound on but those posts will show up later so safe to say i was busy busy busy. i am trying to get ready for a photo shoot, but i still need to go into town for groceries... what a quandary, the weather is full on sunshine, first time in a week, but its 108 at home today, which means you know damn well the fog is gonna be sucked in quickly. and the crowds are going to flock to the beach and jam up the roads... ok lets go for it, into town we go~

i am addicted to costco plants, just as much as i am to homegoods. the best deals ever and HUGE fabulous plants to boot, everything is on steroids. make some excellent purchases and get the things i need to make this picnic happen. decision time now, i had 2 choices for the picnic, we could do it here on the bluff, which was windy and fog was already iffy, we would take a huge cart and roll it out to our destination, or we could pack the car and head for the hills. scott said lets drive, he didn't want to walk pulling a cart... little does he know that one day we will come hell or high water!

as we drive up the coast the roads are clogged like freeways, these tiny country single lane roads are all jammed with those seeking the cool from the inland heat wave, the beach is swirling in fog with patches of sun, and face it, the word is COLD. but they are still climbing over each other in bathing suits and acting like its hawaii, we are dressed like alaskan natives. we knew any beach picnic would be impossible, besides i HATE crowds, especially when i can be alone on a beach at certain times i would never ever subject myself to this madness. our destination is up on the ridge with a drop dead scenic view on a crystal clear day, i am tyring to feel irish ;-) ahh, but i have been to ireland, and i know its wet and foggy and i have matched that weather just perfectly... there is no spectacular sea view to see today, but its ethereal and moving fast to complete white out... we park on the top and try and find a spot for a picnic. i am shocked to see tents up there, 3 of them. people just pull over and day camp :-(

i am setting up our pretty spot, scott is bored and already eating from the back of the car before the table is even set. to make matters worse up pulls a motorcycle, my private spot now has a black leather thug eating his lunch RIGHT NEXT TO US! i want to scream, there was no parking space is why i knew we would be alone, never dreamed a motorcycle could just waltz right into our picnic... finally he scoots out of sight down a rocky hill and we have our little moment in the sun... no, wait fog... no wait, white out... help wheres the damn road! another motorcycle drives by and hear them yell look at their picnic, i guess i wasn't that tucked away after all...

we head home chilled but well fed, ok totally over fed, i made a dessert that is like crack to me, so rich one bite could kill, but i had to eat them by the dozen. i am still groaning over them...

we get home around 5 pm, scott is off to nap, hey i was up since 3:30 am, been on my feet all day and YOU ARE NAPPING? i still have to unpack the picnic, do the dishes, empty the dishwasher and clean up and he is napping... ok, i may as well plant my new stuff and spray paint the patio furniture with the fabulous oil rubbed broze i found, god forbid i have to hear him snore in the day!

scott is awakened by the dogs after 7 pm, i am still playing in the gazebo as he heads out for their much needed walk. i finally come in chilled, wet, filthy and happy and he is NAPPING AGAIN! now i am just plain ole mad, i have been up all day and working hard and he is sleeping! he asks why i am miffed, him let me count him the ways!

needless to say i slept like a log~

6-9 sun

and woke up fresh as a daisy ;-) heavy wet fog, the kind that looks and smells like rain. i knew sunshine would be fleeting, but the heat wave is over for now, its 25 degrees cooler at home today. i am up early feeding the feral and making us a big breakfast.

i take stella some of my crack to lighten the dessert load i can't leave alone...

we are off for a day of play, we have not geocached in months and scott needs some fun. i quickly pick out a handful of stops, but with one special one in mind... ok i picked the whole day around this, to make it fun for scott AND a homework assignment for me ;-) to be honest, i had seen it before when looking for geocaches, so i need to thank geocaching for bringing us to this location, i learned about geocaching when reading for food for thought, its become a fun hobby for us, and now geocaching is taking us to this destination so i can do homework for the nbs, its just one big ole circle of kindness~

and such a breathtaking place... you can read about it later this summer, but safe to say it was fun and i loved my visit and will return again and again~

out next stop was a couple of miles walk around a new park for us. we bought a county park pass and its great to never have to pay again. some parks charge you per dog now, people too, forget a carload, its pay per paw and or feet! i couldn't believe the solar charged ticket taker...

i had picked just 3 geos, scott searches and i take pics, i was in heaven smelling the california buckeye, at home mine blooms in feb, such a treat to relive spring closer to the coast. you can see how scott is always far off searching as i dawdle behind with the camera...

saw dogwoods blooming earlier in the day too. had an overall great day filled with beauty and fun, love getting back outdoors again and seeing new sights. have been picking ticks off me, the sign of a good active day~

came home and made a darling dinner, little lasagnas. i need to get decent pics, was too tired for the camera. i just need to shower and call it a day, exhausted early again. started dan browns new book, only had 15' to read so far but i can't wait to get time with that, need to be fully awake for that fun ride! another fab week seaside plus~