Friday, June 14, 2013

a beach diary 6-10 thru 6-14

6-10 monday

hellfire and brimstone... what a night! i was exhausted but pushed myself to stay up late so i could sleep soundly all night long... around 1:30 am my room is illuminating... i am VERY light sensitive, my cue to jump up. when cars pass by they light my room, must have been that. wait, 30 seconds again the room is a blaze. now i think its a bad burglar with one million watt candlepower shining around the house. i tiptoe out to the front door and open the shades, omg its lightning! rare in ca, especially when the day before it was 108 degrees.

i walk to the living room and the sky is a blaze, over and over, but NOT A SOUND. oh and its foggy too, but it radiates through. 3 sides of my house are a wash in lights. i didn't know you could see it and not hear it, not a peep, but its the brightest electrical storm i have ever seen, and i am talking about florida now because ca is not known for its lightning.

by now i couldn't have been anymore awake, i am fearing this kind of constant light is out of this worldly, maybe its nuclear explosions, north korea is trying over and over, but its all so quiet... i go to my cell and look at doppler, the sea has an 80 mile long and 25 mile wide duzey of a storm filled with orange on radar, which is thunder and lightning, oh and its 2 miles off shore from me :-( DID I MENTION I NEVER KNEW IT WAS COMING?!

i can barely believe what i am seeing, i am terrified of its arrival. for the 4 hours that i was awake, the lightning was non stop illuminating, but i never heard a peep and the storm never touched us, it must have been traveling due north. didn't know that until i finally dozed off around 6 that i was safe... i finally get out of bed in a stupor around 6:30, its heavy fog, the ground is saturated, it must have been softly raining all night, but the real scary stuff stayed off shore, but NOW i hear thunder to the north of me, its so foggy i can't see the light in the dawns light.

i feel like a train hit me, now sleep is my nemesis, i wake up happy, its rare i feel worse then i went down, but today the fog is in my brain. i shuffle out and think what can i eat to perk up, the fab dessert i made for our picnic was polished off last night, i am all out of my crack... i usually wait for stella to walk her dog, the fog is so thick and big drops of water are falling, i decide to just go now, without a coat, in the cold wet fog, that ought to wake me up. i was so numb from exhaustion it didn't even phase me, barely a notch or 2 up on the awake me scale. and now here i sit, stupefied for a ca storm of this magnitude just off the coast. ok, it came inland, just not here~

called scott to whine, he had the same story... he said the wind was howling as it pushed out the hot high, next came the thunder waking from a dead sleep. and the lightning... quite a surprising monday in california is all i gotta say, right now the skylight is hearing the steady ping of rain. the times they are a changing~

i stand corrected, i just set doppler in motion, now that my brain is working better, the storm came from the east and traveled OUT TO SEA AND SOUTH! that motion is almost unheard of here, i have seen that maybe once in all my life... scary! so the warm inland air was heating the cold sea air and the lightning was on all night long...

the day was slow to pick up, at 9 i dropped lasagna off at stellas and came home and made chocolate cookies to get my blood stream sugared up. it is a full on winters day with rain and clouds, perfect do nothing guilt free day.

i have been working on my homework all morn, i have so many pics i best get cracking, i know no one cares but me, and thats why i enjoy it, i am learning and enjoying and experiencing, its about me having more fun then usual ;-) loved our day trip yesterday, i just get lost in the pics.

while sorting pics 2 young foxes are on the move, i dashed out to get the ferals food, i can't afford to feed everyone. they are at my birdfeeder eating sunflower seeds now. i don't mind them at night, but my fear is some of my neighbors giving them grief, they need the cloak of darkness for me to feel more comfy with them here.

my sand dollar pillows arrived fed ex, i think its VERY fun getting packages here~

took a little online home style test, they pegged me classic with a touch of country... not bad!

the afternoon flew by in the stormy weather, by 3 the sky was broken sunshine and i can see the shipping lane and horizon thru squalls. makes for a very dramatic view. took the dogs down to the headland. so quiet i could have heard a whale breathing... if he happened to pass by. little sparkles of sunlight glinted off the sunny spots dabbed around the grab gray sea. was breathtaking to me... it always is here to me, and thats why i choose to come and stay so much... to stand in 100s of acres on the coastline alone and breath in that beauty, it does not get any better for me... sorry i didn't take the camera, didn't know if it would be cattle free for the dogs so forget it. but that glint is burned in my eyes.

upset to see the vultures stalking my feral cat in his bush. totally unnerved me. i ran off to shoo them away, hoping they were sniffing something dead, not my little peanut feral :-(

scott called from the grocery store. huh? whats he doing there, i left him man food... now i have to worry if he is going to have an affair, he told me he was buying vegetables. wtf? repeat that i said... vegetables... umm you don't eat them when i make them, WHY ARE YOU BUYING VEGETABLES?! they always say look for big changes when men are having affairs, seeking out veggies sounds threatening to me... what kind i ask. carrots. i have NEVER SEEN HIM ONCE GRAB A CARROT. i am stupefied, thinking i should be packing and heading home now... i said you stopped at the store to buy carrots? and green beans. ok i am shaking now, fresh or canned? canned. all is well in the kingdom, i don't buy canned veggies, this i can accept, if he had brought fresh green beans i would still be sobbing and to undone to chronicle the demise of my marriage on some stupid blog. i am still stunned he is eating carrots. please don't be a harbinger of change, i am too damn happy to see it all crunch away~

6-11 tuesday

up early on a foggy morn, grabbed the laptop and went straight to my homework, i have been collecting pics but not putting it all together, time to pay the piper and get some of these things done and scheduled. only have a few more finishing touches here and there, the bulk of it is done. i need to stop taking so many pics, i act like i am an artist and must study every nuance, but when up against the nbs i am the missing link so why bother, i am into quantity, apparently not quality!

scott asked me if i am ready to come home. could he be missing me? never asked me that before. and then the conversation continues... watching my husband from afar is enlightening, if not irritating! he said that one of our cats was fighting with others all night long, he had just spent 30' looking for a remote control shock collar for him. ok so he misses me because i am the cat wrangler... trust me, there will be no live wire acts~

took the dogs for what was to be a quick walk with the plan to hit the minus tide. maggie was lame this morn and so slow i knew it wasn't going to happen... she was barely across the street when i was the farthest point away. i waited and waited and so did cassie, pokey puppy finally caught up as we cut across the hill, cassie was maybe 50' from me, i wasn't watching, and then pouf she was gone. i called and called, no sign of her, couldn't hear all here jewelry jingling either. ever since jasper i am scared of aberrant behavior, what if she went to the main road and charged a walker, i always think the worst thoughts now... i call and call, 15' passed and nothing. i decide to walk lame maggie home, i can't even drive around looking for cassie because we are in the hills, there are no roads... as i come around and see our house in sight there is cassie dancing at the door to get in, she is as much of a wreck that i was looking for her, she wanted IN. she charged me like i had been to the moon and back. i have no idea how we missed each other, she was not on our regular walk, but i was thrilled to see that black and blurry creature eager to get in and mess up my lovely white bedspread.

with maggie lame i just stayed out with her and gardened. 7 hours later we made it back inside, i had just grabbed lunch and dashed back out to eat outside. it is heaven to me being in a garden where you can see and hear the sea. i know its a tough tough road to hoe with horrendous winds and bitter cold winds that burn, scar, maim and kill even the hardiest of plants, but if i can just get them established i will be forever grateful having a garden by the sea.

i am extremely smitten with my pavilion. i have hanging fuchsia and geraniums, when we leave i have no idea how to keep them alive, the urns too, well everything, they are all so new i should never go... i love the new cushions, ate my lunch in there, but to afraid to leave them on the chairs since the birds smoother the top and potty all day long. they are just so new i don't feel the need to see them destroyed the first hour. i still have one more set of pillows coming and then pavilion is all done and planted. opps, i still need tables, but i think i have some at home i can wing it with.

nick is acting fearful again of his eye... i thought he was 100% but today he is reacting strongly, i am worried what went wrong. he left the window seat and is down on a dog bed, another odd sign.

oy just as am relaxing filling this in i hear cassie throwing up... wherever she disappeared to has made her vomit burnt org on a freshly washed beige carpet. great, something else to add on scotts list, reshampoo carpets...

saw a pregnant deer come round and tossed her an old tomato, i swear she was licking her lips just like i would if someone threw a box of sees out the door as i walked by.

the sun is shinning, time to take off the dirty garden clothes and become the lady of the house now and read in the pavilion. that should be the cue to send in the wind and fog, but i will give it a go~

idiot that i am i took the dogs out to read with me... bad choice, barking, shoving, snorkeling, digging, irritating, knocking over, getting dirty, destroying new plants, did i mention barking. oy, so much for trying to read, after 90' i barely had moved a few pages, up down, up down, up down... i just wanted to enjoy my freshly done up patio with a great book... i am so glad i never had kids, i just don't have it in me, whenever they totally piss me off i lock them in the garage, i think if you do that with kids you go to jail... i was ready for cocktails at 4...

spent the rest of the afternoon gabbing on the phone until well after 6, oh joy, i still get to walk the dogs... the irritating ones in the garage. down to the headlands for us, but wait, the cattle are there so its a quick pit stop only. there was a brand new baby calf off in the distance with its mama. the wind was strong and cold, no love lost making this a quick trip.

finally, dogs fed, i can read! oh wait, there goes tina and lucy, cassie is busting down the window barking insanely. CALGON TAKE ME AWAY! its just one of the those dog days where you wish you didn't have dogs... ok maggie is fine, its been a bad cassie day :-(

i am finally getting some quality reading in, and then here comes the coast guard helicopter at 8:20 pm... i know this means bad news for someone. they are doing a search grid. i called scott to learn how to work the marine radio. i don't know the situation, i just hear them calling off coordinates, there is a large plane high above also. the grid is right in front of our area. i feel sick... did someone report a boat that didn't get back by sunset... how long can they search. every time the radio tunes in i leap out of my skin. its so cold and rough, such unforgiving waters... it makes me want to cry that i am warm and safe and someones life depends on these men finding them...

search called off at 9:20, pitch black out... while searching for any news online about this i just read about the huge storm, they are calling it the electrical storm of a lifetime for ca. 500 fires, the longest duration for our area with it lasting hours and hours. thank heavens i didn't have this directly overhead, i am reading how horrifying it was from the fire department saying they hit the deck and took cover. i would have died in this tiny house of glass with no where to hide :-(

6-12 wed

up bright and early with the sun shinning at 5am, BUT the promise of wind to come, i can feel it my bones now... was out early for the feral, starring at me through his bush. i had 5 deer pass thru, 3 boys, a mama and a teenager. she was stalking the boys, i mean relentlessly. she didn't want to eat, she wanted to kick and challenge. i threw out a couple dozen plums to feed them all, but she didn't care, she kept standing on her hind legs like a kangaroo or cartoon monster deer and was kicking away. the male never fought back, stood up with her, but always backed down. i wonder if its her son from a few years back and she is traveling with last years baby. i can say first hand deer are mean to each other, mothers to babies especially...

the lure of an early near minus tide called me quickly to take the dogs down for a romp. we had the whole beach to ourselves, well on the right side...

to the left this group meets every m-f at 8:30 am rain or shine. some of their dogs are aggressive so i avoid them~

kinda cracked up at the surfer stretching, it looked more like he was doing the hokey pokey, you put your right foot in, you put your right foot out and you shake it all about, did it for every body part... i would have gone home happy and exhausted by the time i pulled on a wetsuit and stretched, who needs the cold sea!

came home and planted everything i had and then watered it in all deeply. was a fabulous way to spend my time beach side. i could not wait to get back to dan browns book inferno, i was trying to save some time to really enjoy it, finally with the garden in i can get some serious reading done.

i tried to read in the gazebo, but i was actually cold as the bitter winds started to ramp up in the morning. i moved to the sunny tucked away back deck corner and went for it, all darn day! i did nothing but read, loved his book, i have been to some of the places he describes so i can visually walk with them. i so wish my book was on kindle though, then i could have been instantly seeing it all with on click of the button. instead i got up often to come in and look up different sights at google... books are so much more fun with living color pics.

chatting on the phone i see the same kid i saw in the morning hitch hiking up our hill with his skateboard, cassie is unpredictable so i didn't stop for him, but i would have loved to see him go down. i live on a VERY steep hill, in a 1/2 mile it drops 500' in 2 sharp turns, its a killer to walk up, going down is even painful because you use all your strength not to fall forward on 2 very tight turns. i have more sore muscles going down then up! well if i went up, i quit doing that, too painful of a walk and embarrassing to be seen prostrate on the road crying...

anyway, while on the phone i see a pick up truck cruise by with 7 teens in it, out pops the skateboarder. i grab the camera and dash outside. he is ALL smiles, loving the attention, i am thinking this is he last still photo that his parents might ever see... but he as already done it a dozen times today! i click his happy pic and trail out in the street waving goodbye, mind you this is the least bit of the incline, once out of sight its steeper and steeper and 2 wild turns~ i so wanted to drive down and take his pic, but i am an old fat woman stalking a teenage boy with a big posse, i felt foolish! i grew up skiing in the sierras, its that same feeling of freedom i wanted to capture seeing him race down hill~

up he comes again, i said is anyone filming this? HE is, strapped on his chest is his camera and he is oh so happy! i need to search for that video now. i must say its blowing near gale force too, how he was even able to stay on the board was a feat in and of it self stationary, much less plummeting down hill... oh and not even knee pads...

since already outside and exhilarated in the wind while watching my youth slide down hill, i took the dogs to the headlands, was blowing so hard i did a quick U turn, cassie was out of sight before she realized her mama didn't want to be airborne and tossed in the sea off the cliffs.

eager to get back to dan brown i am hunkered down for the night. cassie starts to growl after sunset, with all the wildlife am i thinking now whats here, usually she attacks the window, not a low growl... i go to the window and see a person in my backyard at 8:45 pm. i am shocked, and grateful for cassie knowing this ain't right. its a woman, i yell this is all private property, ok is all she says, no i am sorry, opps, who the heck knows why she is here in the dark but i am not happy at all... who just walks deep into peoples backyards... CREEPS!

of course jacked up from the book and feeling violated i was a bit tense... i always hear noises on my deck, just feet from my head all night, i always assume its the wildlife, never did i think it was a person :-( i do know if i let cassie out she would attack, that is a certain peace of mind~

6-13 thursday

another sunny dawn, but of course that means big time winds to follow. out for my feral early and back to dan brown, i am closing in on the finish line! i have about 90 minutes left to finish, i can't make the dogs wait that long... out for their walk and then of course i start fussing and watering the garden. the morning slips away and all i want to do is finish my book!

and i did, and i loved it! fun having a page turner, scott is due in a few hours and we are heading home tomorrow and we have a very busy few days, it was now or never kind of thing and i am thrilled i could carve out the time. the longer we own sea dream, the less reading i get done because i have so many other things happening. i am not complaining, but gone have been the weeks when i just sit and read 10 books at a pop, perhaps winter will be better with lack of garden interest competing.

chatted on the phone until scott arrived late afternoon. a quick change for him and we are off for dinner at our little cafe. its so tiny, the cook is also the mechanic for the conglomerate that owns a winery elsewhere, he also drives the tractor on the beach scooping up the sand in the parking lot in the morning, in other words, he is not always there to cook... which means lately the manager has been forced to cook, and he doesn't know the dinner menu so the last week has been lunch menu all day. the place was busy with big crowds for the $5 burger night.

wanted to see if i could find the video of the skateborder for scott to see and while searching the area up came this tsunami video of our beach, we were in escrow then and missed seeing it.

after seeing that the next video suggested was this~

it turns out to be an 8 part series, i watched them all. holding back tears... its an excellent production.

after an early dinner scott promptly falls alseep full dressed... i bailed on him and head to another room reading carol drinkwaters olive harvest, an excellent series about her time spent in france. i know if i join him i will only wake him up so sleep in the study, makes me sad we are apart so much and now even when he is here, we are not together, but he works so hard the beach is his time to rest...

6-14 friday

i am up and out early watering in my plants on a beautiful morning, feeding the feral, doing laundry, getting ready for our exodus. scott slips out around 7 with the dogs, surprised to see him up so early, but he did sleep 11 hours. we work to add some new drip lines to hopefully keep the garden alive. stella offered me her broken chairs, scott brings them over and quickly repairs ours and hers. i noticed ss new amsterdam, first class only. i research the ship, it lived from 1937 to 1974. stella had such a wild life, she was a world traveler, i will never forget when she told me she was out of her mind in morroco and kissed a cobra. i do believe that woman lived a very rich full life!

scott mowed the lawn again while i spray painted the furniture he brought over. i slip in to make a breakfast treat to christen the pavilion, our first morsel with the newly sprayed furnishing, cushions and pillows, hummingbirds are buzzing the fuchsia. i love love love my new little area, i just hope its alive when we get back...

we had a cute family pass by~

in the afternoon we head to uc davis marine research lab at bodega bay, they are only open to the public 2 hours a week and we have never been before. its located on a private reserve with a perfect horseshoe cove i never knew existed. i only found it when playing with google earth, its a stunning location.

i was so surprised to see whales and man have so much in common...

never have seen this angle of the bays before, you can see exactly how the ring of fire works, that narrow bay is the fault line, the land grinds n/s and ruptured open there to create the bay. in 1906 the land on the left of the water moved 15 north, the right side stayed stationary. gulp, and i live right on the edge...

much to my shock the place was jam packed! i read where it was like groups of 10, there were about 75 people at least there, not to mention the 100 resident staff, students, faculty, researchers, volunteers etc on site daily. we started with a informal lecture by a docent. i had seen her before as the volunteer whale watcher at bodega headlands, small oceanographic world that she works here too. she is norwegian, i am guessing in her 80s, a full mustache and multi colored teeth, she has been diving for 50 years. right off the bat she surveys the room, its packed with kids, she says let me make it perfectly clear i do not like kids. that cracks me up, when do you ever get such honestly! scott tries to sneak her picture for a multitude of reasons.

and now the shocking part for me, i am not around kids, never had them, but i did grow up as one. my god have times changed! i am guessing there were about 5 families with kids, 2 families were horrid, i mean it was like the punch and judy show, their kids were nonstop talking, to the docent, screaming out at every question she had, completely dominating the tour. the parents never tried to curtail them. the docent chastises them often, still no response, it was shocking to me that people are raised by such disrespectful people. i can see why she starts her tour with i don't like kids... she told me she handed a child an urchin and said don't hurt them they are living creatures, the little boy threw it on the floor and stomped on it. i could hardly hear much that was being said, but i can tell you every word that little girl screamed at the top of her lungs... perhaps we need to visit again when kids aren't out and about.

after the tour i had to go to the headlands, the lupine is in its pure glory... i cannot begin to express how much i LOVE this place... the fragrance is an absolute favorite, i stuffed some in my cleavage, scott has been sitting in the car, flowers are not his thing, since smart phones came out they can entertain themselves endlessly, he asked if i had fallen down or did it just happen to jump in my bra. i was totally shocked he even noticed i was wearing yellow~

we had planned to drive home after the tour but ended up staying the night. that meant no food in the house so back to our little cafe for dinner. and surprise, the manager has learned to cook the dinner menu :-)

settled in for more reading as another 3 weeks comes to close by the sea. my little feral sat in the sun watching me the last hours of the daylight...

my not so little domestic cat was enjoying the sunset too~

6-15 saturday

i wake up at 5am to pure fog, i slip out in my nightgown to feed the feral, i end up collecting the patio furniture and strutting out back to grab my hanging baskets. did i mention this is a short slip of thing and i am a huge wide thing thundering about near naked in 40 degrees? as i walk back in scott looks at me shocked i was out and about like that he says? while he packs the car i walk the dog and run into setlla... literally, heavy fog is always shocking to me when suddenly people just magically appear from nowhere. we share our goodbyes, i had left a bag of home grown plums on her porch for her, she thanked me for being here, she told me its comforting having us for neighbors, it made me feel good i was here for her. she will have another surgery in sept, i am already planning on being there the month for her, this one will be far more difficult for her.

with the car loaded, dogs walked, cats caged we are ready to head home from the foggy sea to the sun inland valleys. its such a contrast from there to here, 90 degrees verses 40 in just 90 minutes. we pass the remains of 3 fires since i have been gone. i may grumble having to come back, but i was instantly soothed in the 4 wide walls of homegoods, ah its good to be back!