Monday, June 3, 2013

a beach diary 5-27 thru 6-2...

5-27 monday

always good to come back, was sprinkling at home and rained all the way over. i wanted to arrive after check out so i didn't start our time here ticked off with strangers. i heard there was a huge party down the hill and they parked 50 cars by stella which totally ticked her off. so glad i wasn't here, if it bothered her, and nothing does, it must have been horrid.

the feral kitty popped on the deck first thing, so HAPPY to see him, he was fat looking since his auto feeder broke the second day we left he had been on his on for 10 days... i wonder if someone else is watching out for him besides me, he is spending more time across the street.

i have got my week all primed and ready to go~

did i mention pure fog and rain? no sign of the sea... we had brought over trex and the angel, we still had to bear the winter weather to off load it all. the statue is in 2 pieces and weighs 700 pounds, it was easy to get in, we have a tractor, but it never dawned on me how it was going to get out... scott said i had one chance for a perfect landing. actually he said never mind the details, let him handle it the egyptian way. i couldn't help but snap pics while he worked his magic ramps.

made tacos for an early dinner and we BOTH crawled in bed at 6 pm! scott was asleep by 6:30, i was out by 7... we slept thru until he left at 4 am, gives you an idea how our tanks are always low... and how good it is to sleep in the sea air!

5-28 tuesday

spent the totally foggy day blissfully reading. had the first book done before noon, it was disturbingly good... its still stuck in my brain though :-(

spent an hour organizing my homegoodies in the garage, i am suppose to be getting 1/2 of the garage for mothers day to turn into a pretty laundry room, storage, pantry and satellite homegoods store...

walked the dogs late, but when pure fog is present, there is no time... i worked on the nbs outlining my projects for the week, too bad i have no props or garden here to pull it off, put i will try!

finished book number 2, i fear nightmares from some of the japanese images...

got in bed by 7, it could have been midnight in an alaskan winter with no sun... but there was a stench... the same one that made me think there was a dead mouse somewhere. only larger... as in cassie. with the heavy fog she gets out of my line of sight on our walks, she must have rolled in something disgusting. i have to leash her up and drag her in the bath tub, this only has a shower curtain so i can't lock her in with solid doors. i have to stand on the leash and scrub her filthy body, the water ran black for 10 minutes. of course she flooded the bathroom, an inch deep out into the hall. so much for crawling in bed with a 3rd book for the day.

finally ready to start book number three around 9:30, i know i will be in trouble, i have to have at least one hour of reading when i start a new book to get into it, i have been up since 4 am and i always fall asleep by 10, but i wanted to wipe away images of one and two and be onto to some fresh reading... i wasn't enamored and dosed of on page 20, my rule is page 50, its off to a bad start...

5-29 wed

went to sleep with pure fog, in the middle of the night i can see the point in high fog, i am optimistic i will have a clear day today. outside by 6am putting out patio furniture and feeding the birds and the feral, he was waiting under the deck, first time ever he stayed when he heard my footsteps, usually thats his cue to bolt away. i did a bit of pruning, started laundry and was back in after 7, and so was the fog, thick as pea soup, good bye ocean, it was nice seeing you for a twinkle in time...

made a scrumptious recipe for lavender week, i must have undercooked it because it collapsed in a second, but to be honest i loved it moist rather then crisp, i think its a do over and over!

took dogs for a walk, fog so thick i was afraid someone could have been 50 feet in front of us and i wouldn't even know. scary when they are off leash because they can be territorial, on the way back maggie disappeared, i usually leash them because this is their mo, but i thought give her a break, sure enough off she trotted in the white and next i hear a neighbor that walks her dog faithfully when i do and maggie can be a pia with it... dash over to find her and all is peaceful on the hill again~

just filling in the blanks while i wait for a minus tide, excited to be back for another fun tide pool walk.

had a wonderful walk in the fog, beach was close to empty, always my favorite time. just about killed a surfer throwing maggie a ball, he was 30' from me and splatted sand in his face, i am so lame when it comes to a dependable throw... usually i maul scott, not strangers! had fun playing as a novel baker exploring and villa-ing, its fun to have an extra purpose on just basic outings. cassies bath was a total waste last night, she spent 90 minutes under water...

heard from stella, she is slowing mending :-(

the sun popped out after noon, GORGEOUS! but as to be expected, so did the hellacious winds. shake rattle and roll again. i made soup and took some over to stella and chatted. she is slowly getting around a bit more, the surgery was very tough on her. i warned her i will be bringing different foods daily now. she graced me with a box of sees ;-)

was in the kitchen when a splash of water caught my eye even in these wild windy seas, A BREACHING WHALE! saw him 3 times, i was so flustered i couldn't find my binoculars fast enough as he went behind the house across the street... so exciting, even in rough surf you can still spot them, MADE MY DAY! i have so rarely seen breaching, nothing like getting my adrenaline pumping.

nick is mending well, had him in the bedroom and cassie got into a fight with him... poor guy can't win! me either...

the house we tried to buy last fall is back on the market. they have done not one thing to it, bought it at auction and have jacked the price up 100k... i still want it :-( for some reason that house seems like its meant to be for me... certainly not scott, but at the right price we would have owned it already... drats, now i am going to be stalking that house again.

5-30 thursday

woke up to sun and wind... if its windy in the morn, the afternoon will be STRONG. took the dogs right after stella and have been fussing here and there with homework and laundry, still refuse to vacuum, with sandy dogs i am tired of being a slave to fur and dirt. i will do it tomorrow, right before scott comes, otherwise its just a full time job, and frankly i quit!

went down for the last minus tide while i am here. maggie was a pia with numerous dogs, an almost empty beach, yet she can still cause trouble for me running interference. all the kelp balls were washed clean away, rescued a small crab, he was so slow you wonder if they lock up without water, tossed him out into deeper waters.

made a cute lunch ala mary, i love shrimp salad but i never remember i have shrimp boats here. tried to copy her idea, but i should have looked how she threaded her sails because i was shooting lunch outside and the sails were being ripped to shreds, i should have just used my forks as oars and hauled in the sails... shared one with stella.

procrastinating on the bills, have a month of mail and wanted to do it in the fog, now i can't relax until its done, yet i won't even start it... who can sit inside doing bills when the sun is shinning... but the wind is howling so not that interested in being out, but i could be reading on the deck and i am not because i need to do the bills... a tangled circle of procrastination live and in action at the beach~

i just want a life of leisure like sadie...

learned deer like carrots, cheryl left me a bag from january, they are the huge type you would feed horses, more like the cavalry there are so many. put a batch out this morn and they must have come when we were at the beach, grass is clean and green. feral came twice today, kitties hate wind, he must be very hungry~

amazed now that the sun is shining how different the beach is shaped. the point it gone and the beach is bisected. all in just a couple of weeks. if not for living here i don't think you truly notice how much its constantly changing...

chatted on the phone this afternoon, again a diversion to facing reality, finally at 5 pm when i knew i couldn't read a book until i yanked the monkey off my back i tackled the bills... it had been 2 months, i prepay lots of bills so i can be lazy, but then i get so lazy that i never even open the bills assuming they are paid, and of course that is not always the case... luckily i am not delinquent, but its a good thing i hunkered down for the 4 hours it took me... plus i made a $5000 error, not the good way either, i had to redo my numbers over and over until finally i saw that my subtraction was an addition with my fat little fingers on the iphone... i love my phone like crazy, but i do have button poking issues, thank heavens i caught the error in 30 minutes of writing checks, NOT two months later when i was missing 5 grand for real...

such a relief to get that swept off the table, now the rest of the time here is my own, nothing hanging over my head based in reality. took the dogs for the last walk in the cold roaring winds, they said today would be 85, does no one notice the wind makes it 40? 103 at home tomorrow, so glad i like cool weather these days, i will take freezing fog over heat any day now~

stella sent me a news letter for our community, was fun to read about the olden days here, and how generations truly stay on and pass their houses down thru time. there used to be a pond on the way up to our houses, talked about collecting frogs and snakes, how they used to hike up to where my house is and then they would surf down sugar mountain on cardboard boxes. that hill is SO steep, you wonder how many broken bones it has seen. the first houses were in the late 1800s, most of the village was the early 1900s. stella told me there is a 97 year old woman in town who lives on her own and can still walk her stairs. in 2010 238 lived here. i find this is all charming and feel so lucky we are part of this beautiful place. if not for stella welcoming us into the inner circle perhaps we would have never met the full timers, it makes a world of difference who your neighbors are and we lucked out big time living next door to the mayor of town ;-)

5/31 friday

horrid nights sleep, i woke up so tired i wanted to get back in bed as soon as i got up... its peggy's fault, she kept sitting on me, all night long, i must have some rare disorder that any pressure on me hurts, just a 10 pound kitty sitting on me makes me shriek. all night i kept trying to ditch her she wouldn't stay next to me, had to be pressure on me. took me ages to get started this morn, and then the day became so long i can barely keep my eyes open now.

first start was laundry, love for scott to have clean sheets when he comes back, but when your tired its real manual labor stripping and remaking a bed... then vacuumed for an hour, this house is the size of cereal box, but yet with 6 animals it can be sandy hair from here to eternity. worst of all as soon as you let the dogs back in its like i never touched the place and filthy again...

took the dogs out early, it was such a warm wonderful morning that in my stupor i stood staring at the garden thinking of how to create some more privacy and a wind screen. hmm, why not fertilize what i have and see if i can get them growing faster. its amazing to me that one hose can circle the whole house, at home i have so many hoses i feel like a rubber factory. gave all my weeds a good hunk of fertilizer while i tried to find what i actually planted. blink and it was noon, i had been working since 6 am :-(

decided to hit the local nursery. love that place, all fabulous perennials, but to bad deer don't let me have any fun. owners were so kind they gave me some free plants to try and test the deer, thats good business! bought my favorite lupine bushes, so hope they can survive the spring winds... spent the afternoon weeding my beds and wishing for some new lavender, i bought too small of a starts for this windy hill...

came in only to have to quickly bake up a batch of blueberry lavender banana bread before scott is due home and before the skins split open and the ants have a feast. they were black and horrid, but it makes the best recipe, omg with lavender honey butter and you think you have died and gone to heaven. straight from the oven i walked over a loaf to stella wearing an oven mitt, the icy sea breeze made it able to be held within in seconds.

was there for only a scant second, grabbed some pasta she had for us and back home to just want to collapse! its 6pm and i have not had a minute to myself, been nonstop the entire day.

damn i still have to walk and feed the dogs... i want a rain check please~

ok walk done and scott is due in 20 minutes, yippee, life returns to normal at the beach~

scott arrived looking like me, carrying a basket of plums, a handful of pink roses and a bag of fresh nasturtiums flowers for the nbs, nothing like traveling props! so tired i went to bed while he ate dinner, peggy makes life feel like molasses...

6/1 saturday

score another point for peggy, this time she took down 2... i managed to still get up at 6, but with zero gusto. fed the feral first thing and then went to work on my homework while the props were still alive and the sun was shining. i distinctly remember hearing don't play with your food as a kid, good thing i am the quasi adult now and set my own rules ;-)

was greeted by 9 big boys this morn, have not seen a female since last fall...

scott stumbled out at 7, cursing the peggy train too, she sounds like a clock chiming all night long, no respite for us. he is out early mowing the acre with audio book on in shorts happy as bee. i am waiting for him to pass the area i want to plant next and then spend hours moving things here and there...

and now i am inside, nothing is set in stone except the fact i can't hold my head up thanks to peggy and MUST take a nap if this day is going to have a productive second half. we had a gorgeous salad for lunch i made for the nbs, i poured to much dressing on mine and tossed it to the deer, but scott ate every single bite, minus the flowers... was a beautiful brilliant salad.

plan is to nap then head out for some more props for the nbs, told scott what i needed pics of and he said have fun... umm by fun that means you drive me and i shoot out the window!

all went as planned, i napped for 20 minutes until scott walked in and woke me up, a little is better than nothing! off we went to take some scenic pics and then into town to get some picnic fixings and new plants. i have learned you need to plant big here, not small... got all new lavender in gallon pots and a huge fuchsia... its already a death sentence, the wind here will flash freeze it :-( the weather reported it was 91 at 5pm, um it was like 55 degrees, where do they put thermometers out here? its windy and hazy with broken gray clouds swirling here and there, 91??? it was 90 in town, but the coast was cold, i was sweating and looking like an idiot in town when everyone is in shorts and tank tops, i was in jeans and sweatshirt...

came home exhausted, scott took over and bbqed while i just sat in a stupor. had a wonderful meal of bbq ribs and grilled corn with garlic and basil, so darn good! i crawled away from the table to look at my pics, and then, of course, there is no rest for the weary here....

scott had walked the dogs and cassie returned shaking her head. another fricking foxtail? our first visit to ER here too... pretty good to have been here over 2 years and this is our first time to emergency, but the bad news is we have spent several $1000 in the last week on 4 pets, including $800 on cassie for the last foxtail that punctured her ear drum, she JUST got the stitches out from another procedure done since they had to conk her out to remove the nasty menace... and now she is going back again, oy, when it rain it pours vet bills for us. real curious how their pricing pans out, more like terrified if its even higher than home. poor scott is as tired as i am and back into town for him. me, i just want to go to bed and pray for a solid nights sleep, but i have to make sure my family gets home safe~

6-2 sunday

i fell asleep before scott and cassie made it home... poor scott had to sit a couple of hours in the waiting room as the one dr had an emergency. cassie was in good shape, no foxtail, but her ear was irritated and red, the same one with the punctured eardrum. i would rather be safe than sorry, only cost $85 to know it wasn't a foxtail, sounds fair to me.

scott told me a lady came in freaked out her dog had ticks... to emergency, at 11 pm, on a saturday night... must have been a nut job, they told her it was $85 to see the dr and then more to remove them. she was screaming she only had 30 dollars. who can even see a regular vet for $30, much less an emergency clinic at night?! she had to make several calls to find money and was making quite a scene. scott said if i had been there i would have removed them and sent her on her way, why didn't scott do the same thing? i can't imagine taking a dog to the vets for ticks, must be city folk...

another peggified night, not as bad, but i bailed at 5am to try and sleep a bit in another room. but she found me... i was outside by 6 am, i just wanted to finish placing my plants and water them after the hounding winds. one thing leads to another and i was planting like mad. scott came out at 9 to walk the dogs, i didn't have a clue how late it was.

to make the day even better scott says he is hungry, well i was filthy and had no intentions of visiting the kitchen, totally unprompted he said i am craving eggs, and knock me over with a feather he said i will make breakfast! that rarely happens :-) off he went to grab a paper and i am busy as a bee planting everything in sight. 90 minutes later i am hungry... perhaps he just wanted to read the paper first, god forbid he is thinking i was coming in to cook... i am just finishing up watering in the new plants so i can head back out for more when he calls breakfast is ready.

he has set the table on the deck, made fresh orange juice, poached eggs for me, over easy for him, which totally stressed him out trying to make 2 types at the same time, english muffin and greek yogurt with berries... i thought it was pure heaven, i mean really, i am outside planting by the sea, already i am on cloud nine, and then he bumps me up a few more floors with breakfast on the deck in the sunshine facing the sea... and a damn good breakfast too! could not have been a better day.

i asked him if he could work on the pavers in the pavilion, they have been sitting there for 2 years... it was such a pretty day i wanted him outside while i kept planting. he grumbled it will take all day to clear the area, let me get some aspirin, i have a headache as he walks away like quasimodo... my cue to know this is really not what he has in mind, and gosh i am even sick... after 2 years i am not buying into it~ first, let me say we live on sand, its a dream to work with, everything cuts like butter, gardening is a breeze, you can plant a full grown palm tree with a spoon, how hard could the freaking pavers be...

NOT HARD AT ALL! ta da, entire project done today, yippee! and the very best part is we have sand from our very own beach holding it all together. how fun to jump in the car with a wheelbarrow and scoop up some sand to fill in the gaps. i was most impressed with his vibrating machine, its a huge hunk of machinery we have not used in 10 year, and its been living outside at the beach for 2 years rusting in the corrosive sea air, but he got it to start right up! yes it was a dang good day in the garden~

i went back to our local nursery and bot some more natives, i will still be planting manana but the brunt of the work is behind me. they had plants on sale for 2 bucks and a trailer loaded with their trash that you can help yourself, so i did. i love free plants, but the lady before me had snatched the top dozen or so and i was already to tired to dumpster dive. there is always next time~

noticed 2 pelicans riding the thermals, first time i have seen them up here.

too exhausted to cook, i had been outside from 6 am until 6 pm, i was filthy and i knew if i showered my spinal tap would give out on me, i was so disgusting i just threw on new clothes over scummy body... down to our little cafe for our 5 buck fish and chips on sunday night. i hate fried food, beer too, but this beer batter is so light its almost like a krispy creme donut that just melts in your mouth like air. delightful!

came home to shower so scott could heal my wounds. my feet get real dry and crack with oh so painful fissures when i garden day after day in wet clogs. my feet hurt so bad i am shuffling. he anointed, wrapped and did a little voodoo chant, i even took advil to numb the pain, just having sheets touch them hurts 2' up my legs... i am down for the night!

its been a fabulous week at the beach, i have been so into the garden that last 2 days i never watched the sea for whales, or even knew the tides this weekend. and that is why i love sea dream, there is always something to enchant me, from the quiet reading moments, to building a new garden, to day hikes and exploring, i love love love living my sea dream, a work in progress~