Monday, May 6, 2013

a beach diary april 29th thru may 5th

4/29 monday

scott left at 4am this morn, i was up with him and began gathering pics for my diary. i write in my diary daily, but last week i hadn't put a single pic together, took me 3 hours this morn, which was a good thing, it was a gorgeous sunny morn and i didn't want to be indoors looking at pics in the sunshine!

took the dogs for a brief walk, i was a terrible mother and abandoned them for my first private beach walk without them! after giving 3 dog baths yesterday, i just didn't want dirty dogs, plus i can't take pics when i walk them, i need to be hands on to fend off whatever comes our way. i did feel so sheepish slinking out the garage door so they didn't see me leave out the front door with the beach pass...

it was another minus tide today and felt so good to be unencumbered! ran into the same women from yesterday at the end of the beach, whole new vistas open up in minus tides, complete new cove and after cove of exposed beaches shows up magically just a few times a year. i love low tide, but a minus tide sends me to the moon and back :-)

looking towards the tide pools

you can see the water line and why i am so happy to be playing in a minus tide, this rock is only ever partially visible on the tippy top, i must have 500 pics of a lone sea gull sitting on it when the tide is in.

hanging on by a thread...

up here is where i walk my dogs, all smothered in wild iris

finished my slow pokey book, enjoyed it very much, even if i read about 10 pages and hour!

was having a lovely afternoon looking over pics and chatting on the phone when i get a call from a neighbor to discuss issues in the neighborhood... the tone pretty much said it all, i knew i wasn't going to like the call.

i detest busy bodies that tell you how to live your life and what you can do on your own property. from left field this call makes my hair stand on end. its accusatory, condescending, as in this is how it is out here, the tone is enraging me. i am being chastised for a private call i made to a rancher 6 weeks ago. i keep thinking who is this person to tell me anything, if the rancher has a problem he should be contacting me, certainly not HER. it escalates. HOW DARE SHE, this is none of her damn business.

she is shoving her weight around as a long term resident to teach me a lesson on how i should be behaving on my own property. its not going to fly with me. i pay my property taxes just like she does, when she pays my mortgage, perhaps then i would listen. i don't back down, how dare she get involved, i am SCREAMING NOW. i go from zero to ten, if she is out of line enough to call me to inform/challenge/chastise me on something that has nothing to do with her or her property, i too can cross the boundaries and begin screaming you owe me an apology this is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

i hang up on her.

i am practically levitating with rage, i am not used to anyone striking at me for something that has zip to do with them. like a 3rd party mouthpiece. PLUS THE ENTIRE THING IS A NON ISSUE. i made a simple phone call to the owner of a cattle dog who was on my deck eating cat food in a rain storm so he could come get his dog. from that private phone call i have to listen to her bs?

i am fuming mad and head directly to another neighbors, the last thing i ever wanted here is strife, i want this place to be magical, not bogged down in insanity of a busy body neighbor. i need my friends calming influence and i tell her how i screamed at her and she owes ME an apology for telling me how i should behave. this is the same woman who one day i said look at the ocean, and she said, hand to god, don't tell me what to do... can you fricking believe it, she was pissed that i told her to look at the ocean because it was extra sparkly and pretty at that moment we were chatting and THAT PISSED HER OFF!I HAVE LIVED HERE FOR 17 YEARS, I DON'T NEED YOU TO TELL ME TO LOOK AT THE OCEAN... but she sure can call and tell me what to do on my property? $%#@ her!

i am barely in the door at my neighbors and she is calling the house, we can hear her on the answering machine, she is calling to talk about me. it takes 30 minutes to diffuse me... i was offered pepper vodka, if only it was peppermint i might have gone for it! in comes another call from a mutual friend, she leaves a message she just got a call about what i did... the busy body is just sitting at home speed dialing the neighbors to spread gossip and lies... when our friend told us what she said about me i went crazy, it was a 100% lie, i IMMEDIATELY CALLED THE RANCHER TO NIP THIS IN THE BUD!

i asked the rancher to call her, then i called the busy body, she was to cowardly to finish off what she started and never returned my numerous calls. very disappointing, she can dish and spread it, but made the choice not to resolve any of her meddling gossip. i was consoled by others that no one cares for her, she is known for her meddling and fighting, the difference is no one stands up to her. i had heard rumors about her for years, i just kept my distance and was always friendly. the interesting part is she has only been there 17 years and has taken on the self appointed know it all job, my neighbor has been there 27 years, and her kindness trumps her hands down. i am grateful to the kind woman i have met out here and hope this just blows over quickly.

4/30 tuesday

another sunny morn but the wind never abated all night long. i started to work on my exploration book so this morn i grabbed my camera to head out on our dog walk. poor dogs, it took me an hour to do what we do in 15'! i had a blast, its fun to see your everyday different.

spent an hour watering in the garden in preps of holding off wind damage, new plants struggle so hard in the icy gales day after day... visited with stella and the contractor from the garden. glad i snapped this, the deer ate it for dinner, its been blooming for a month... hmm wonder if this one was watching it happen...

went in late for brunch and started a new book i have been eager to get too, absolutely delightful. i found out about it from a wonderful blog i follow that shares the most interesting subjects. i want to do a little photo session with it its just so darn charming.

chatted with a db and set up a revival meeting going forward, its fun to blog with a purpose and share fun topics. i have already been working on my homework.

spent the rest of the afternoon reading and chatting on the phone, took the dogs for the last walk and finished my book. needed to come online to look up things, i love kindle because with one click you can google and then click right back into your book, this was a fabulous color hardback book though, you must pick and choose the best venue. speaking of books, ordered 3 after marys darling villa luna~

5/1 wednesday

so happy to keep waking up to sunshine, it was warm at 6 am and not a breath of wind. called cheryl when her email came in, to lazy to want to turn on the computer. it was snowing at her house, poor thing, spring comes late in the rockies. took the dogs for their walk with camera in hand being an explorer, its fun to go slow and notice more.

came home to a quick breakfast and then tried to make some little pie cookies, it was funny i put them outside to cool and it was warm with zero wind!

raced down to enjoy the minus tide, each day is higher, but its still far out. i am collecting for my explorer projects now, i am torn, i always pick things up when i walk, but today i had a fist full and thought it was only to be one and decided its my game and if i want 5 things then that is how the day goes. dogs had a great time, i adore having all these shallow pools for them so i never worry about them getting swept out to sea.

i rescued a crab, i may have been too late, but at least he can die underwater rather than away from his home... cassie leapt in after him when i put him in a pool.

came home to play with my latest book that i loved. she is so talented and i love how she created such whimsy from such a plethora of material on this tree. just like to share things that delight me.

very warm afternoon, in to empty the camera, to my shock i have 600 pics from yesterday! i am trying to shoot dog pics on the beach, its hard when you need glasses and your subjects move... fast... and CONSTANTLY! i am sure i will be deleting 100s...

miss scott again today, he needed to stay home to get the sprinklers working in the near 100 degree temps. its not as fun when he is a no show for 4 nights in a row, its like we are dating when its only every other 2 nights, but its important to get this task done no matter how much i wish he was here. i only stayed on this week to go to the kite and sandcastle day this saturday, que sera sera.

one of the special, rare, calm, still, warm nights by the sea, too bad no scott, perfect for a picnic at the beach watching the sunset...

5/2 thursday

so happy that the sun is still shining in the morning :-) out early to water before the heat arrives, there is an off shore wind, weather is warm already. i am scary in shorts and tank top, never been so fat, plus white, i am sure a harpoon is pointed my way... its so foggy here you stay lily white, but when the sun shines and you need to strip down its a very scary sight...

took the dogs for their regular walk and gathered a couple of wild flowers in my explorations. since i am tuning in more then ever i also feel the need to learn, but for me its very hard to track down wildflower names when you google thin blue flower marin coast... blue dick came up, i know that name so i looked it up. warning, you will see a blue dick... i did know the flower, they are all over my hill at home, i just didn't know the blue men moonlighted for blue dick photos too... just tell me it was photoshopped ok...

so loving the week of minus tide i took the dogs down mid morning, before the lowest point, but low enough we can walk extra far still, before the crowds arrive fleeing the inland heat. its mid afternoon and the beach is packed, i can here shrieking kids on my deck, its like the summer everyone thinks california is like, which is very very rare~

while trying to track down my wildflower names, to no avail, i was looking through point reyes seashore reference book, i read point reyes, to which i live less then a mile away from its end point, IS THE ONE OF THE FOGGIEST PLACES IN THE WORLD. how did i not know this? i knew it was foggy all summer, i just didn't know we were so unique in such a negative fashion :-(

finished my book in the gazebo dressed like a fat hooker and praying no one looked out there windows. aging is tough... i was once normal and fit, basically a nudist if truth be told, i still hold all the same principles, i like skin feeling sun and wind, i just look like something that should be hidden in a freak show tent, not parading around a neighborhood. i am no longer cute, i am scary, but in my minds eyes this hugely hanging, oozing, overflowing white undulating body can still wear short skirts and spaghetti strap tops because it feels good in the air. then i look down... well, where down should be, there is a lot of white blubber blocking down... but i can rest a book on it and read ;-) yep, aging is scary and sad, i am no longer the girl i once was, but i'll be darned if i don't startle passerbys refusing to accept this~

on my beach walk today i collected a few shells, i always grab things, but i don't usually study them so much, i am having a blast! its so hot i needed to get inside for a bit of a cool down, my deck thermometer is reading 122 degrees in the full sun...

i went back out to start a new book and fell asleep on the sofa... i was awakened by workman talking across the street, the way sound carries and reflects off my neighbors house i thought they were right in front of me. i was thrilled i was alone, it was not a pretty sight, drooling, white and lethargic was another layer of ugly in public.

after a shot of cool ice tea i dragged a chair to the edge of my deck facing the sea and the street, catching the off shore breeze, i needed to cool me down for some serious reading. i am not used to living in public, people just chat away with you when you are front and center. i was watching whales by the point when some super healthy cyclist popped up the equivalent of mount everest, without even breaking a sweat, circling in front of my house wanting to chat as i am eating potato chips. i was rather mortified, i was in shorts, scarfing down food when he has zero body fat, appears to be a senior citizen and was in such good humor i was ready to call for an emergency health revival meeting for me. that didn't last long, i had sugar cookies for dinner~

took the dogs for the last walk and stayed in the chair until sunset. it was one of those rare nights of calm, quiet and serenity that speak to my very soul. finished my latest book, i race through non fiction, i seam to read like 100 pages an hour when the topic interests me, and of course, since i am by the sea, i read sea stories, adrift for 77 days. i get so keyed in i can't wait for rescue and just race through these kind of books, the amazing thing is this man drifted 1800 miles, he was barely rescued, he was right off shore when found.

decided i am not happy here when scott can't come back on wed, the time seems longer without him. i think wed truly is a hump day if he is a no show. i feel melancholy without him every 2 days... today i had a pep in my step and knew he would be back tomorrow, things feel right in the world again~

5/3 friday

another sunny day, fog fog go away, let me enjoy a full nother day! up early to feed the feral and walk the dogs, i thought it was to be another hot day and i wanted to clean out the fridge and make scotts dinner for him tonight so i could enjoy my afternoon reading. made his favorite pasta and tried my hand at caprese bread, was fun! shared dinner with stella too.

spent the afternoon reading on the deck, all so civilized, i showered and i am fresh for scotts arrival, looking forward to a fun weekend~

5/4 saturday

yippee, the weather held for scott. i was up early watering and feeding the feral. we headed over to the bird preserve to see the kites and castles at doran. we arrived too early to see much, walked to the end of the beach and collected tiny shells, found 3 perfect less then a dime size sand dollars. the beach was filling up on the way back, such a different beach then dillon, calm, broad crescent with gentle waves. we are the opposite point, a much wilder side. the parking lot was full and closed when we left, so glad we got our pass~

came home and stopped at the cafe for lunch, over indulged like mad, food was slow to come up and i downed 4 sodas before lunch, i waddled out... at the cafe they provide crayons for kids, i was watching a mother and daughter, they were unique, almost other worldly. the daughter sang the entire time. haunting self written melody. i watched them thinking this is how people write books, they would be the perfect start to character observation. sirens from the sea... they sketched during their meal. as we are leaving i looked at their table, stunning, and so i am right, they are from the sea...

i emailed these pics to her, even her email was amusing...

scott came home to mow and the rubber band twirling it broke, into to town we went, only to return to find its the wrong thing... scott is back out again and i am filling in the blanks. its a gorgeous evening, the wind is dying down and beautiful, i love this time of day, except there are renters next door, so much for silence is golden...

so much for a beautiful sunset, the fog is rushing in from the north and the arctic weather has returned! scott bundled up to mow until dark, stella stopped him and offered him her antique croquet set, everytime we do something she strips another item from her house. i told scott next may be her pace maker! she is too kind, we are just being neighborly.

i started a new book... i have NEVER felt so dense in my life... thank god its on kindle, which means i can search, over and over, and then when desperate i went to amazon to read the synopsis. i am picky about what books i buy, i try and make sure its suitable for me. i buy so many books they get lost in the shuffle so when its time for me to select a book to read its truly cold turkey, i haven't a clue what i am reading about, i just know that i did the research already, i should hopefully love it...

this book has been getting rave reviews and is on many reading lists, last night i settle in to see all the hype. i could not get past 3%... i was totally confused. i kept looking at the dates, flipping back to the table of contents. what is happening, she is dead. but no, now she is not. wait she is dead. what am i missing. what is snow. why is there a ton of chapters called snow... why is there a ton of chapters with the same date. why am i not moving forward. why do i keep looking back at the table of contents. what am i not grasping...

ok i break the cardinal rule and go to amazon to see what this book is even about... ahh i see, she does die, over and over, i am to new to grasp this yet since she is so young. and snow, that must be my cue to white noise, death, back to her date of birth, when she died before the first breath... ok, interesting concept, but i am still LOST... i should just kick back and let the story unfold, but i am too busy trying to figure it all out, this is not that kind of book for me, i need to be taken on this journey, not second guess each step. i am at 15%, i was awakened last night and grabbed the book and read until 2 am. i think i am making some headway, it reminds me of ground hog day. deja vu. time will tell, look forward to grasping it all, its extremely rare that i feel so confused, ok i think its the first time EVER i just couldn't move forward in a book because nothing behind me made sense yet...

5/5 sunday

after a rough night sleep i awaken to leaden skies. the wind shook the roof most of the night, which makes my lanterns in the study book case rattle. i can't even fathom that, but such is coastal living. i left scott to dog duty, he too slept in late until near 9. i packed up the patio furnishings to put away as we prepare to leave for home today.

i decided to use up fridge items and made a luscious chocolate cinnamon sour cream coffee cake, as usual, one me for, one for my neighbor...

NOT the meddling gossip, who never did what i consider to be the right thing and come and apologize to make things right, she is still on her power trip and never called back the ones she misinformed about me to correct her false statements either. i can't stand women like this, there are so many ways to rectify this, she is the one that created the scenario, something i would never have done, so why would i think she would try and humble herself for redemption... and she is old too, at what age do you stop being so petty. she told a mutual friend that i need to fit in up on this hill, which means kowtow to her, no thank you, i have brought her bags of home grown citrus, heirloom tomatoes still warm from my neighbors garden, fresh baked goodies, invited her to lunch, served her cocktails, gave her garden gold, and yet i am not the one fitting in... if meddling and gossip are the prereq, i failed miserable, i am her for fun and kindness only~

scott finished the mowing, i am filling in the diary while the rain smears away the ocean. we are returning to cool weather, i see thunder and lightning tomorrow at home. we need to get fire ready pronto before i can come and stay for long stints again. my neighbor is having surgery, i want to be here for her then, she said her daughter is coming, but we are isolated out here, its nice to have others around and i am good for cooking if nothing else and walking sammy since i know his routine.

just have laundry left to do and we are suppose to be setting up irrigation for the new trees, i see scotts reading the paper and letting the rainy day dull our interest in the inevitable. i am ready to crawl back in bed and read my book until i doze off, i need about 3 more hours sleep to get through the rest of the day.

had a wonderful couple of weeks back by the beach, as always, i can't wait to come back to my sea dream... which will be very soon, the cat feeder broke and scott skipped the irrigation in the rain, will have to come as soon as the new feeder arrives by prime ;-)