Monday, February 4, 2013

a beach diary february 1-7

friday, 2/1 so glad to be back! first day home and saw the whales in the bay, heavy sigh of contentment. spent hours unpacking enough food for months, brought loads of fresh fruit from home, always a welcoming sight to me. it wouldn't be home without armloads of citrus... even if its all the wrong color here!

thrilled to see my feral kitty back for more. scott mowed an acre of grass happy as can be listening to a new audio book. brammie settled into a patch of sunlight, i kept missing her pretty blue eyes, but she matched the bedding, and looked just as cozy~

for the first time i have not read here yet, since whyle died i have not read a book. i read when i am happy and settled, this week i am sure i will be back to a book a day, brought 5 library books and have endless kindles and books on hand. this weekend i just sat outside, nothing in my hands, i mean i just plain ole stared at the sun... and then promptly feel asleep in my husbands arms. my first outdoor nap since buying sea dream. to wake up to the glorious sea, fresh air and sound of the surf was intoxicating. mind you it was 32 degrees in the morn, to be dozing in the afternoon in the warm sun was totally unexpected. i went in to grab my camera, only to see my husband picked up a couple of chicks on my departure~

was such a calm breathless night we dined outside at sunset. lemon mustard tarragon chicken, angel food cake with berries and fresh whip cream, topped off with a warm baileys nightcap. to me this is the stuff dreams are made of... and i am living my dream~ i adore my driftwood candle holder, its a rare night when we can sit out and enjoy the quiet still evening.

sat 2/2 off for a day of play, to late to hike up to jack londons, but we hit a few fun spots on the way.

sun 2/3 i had a wonderful morning in the garden planting and fussing around after an very decadent breakfast with cinnamon rolls, blood orange juice and eggs with sausage and cheese. shared some rolls with stella for a quick visit. took the dogs for a fast run at the beach. i was hesitant, i missed low tide, then scott told me they lifted the sneaker wave warning... had i known that i would have not even gone down there. the swells have been huge for 2 days, coast guard was training in the heavy surf taking the waves head on, how do they know these things are coming?

found our property lines today, finally i can begin planting in earnest. SOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED! we went to town and i got 2 dozen calla lilies and some basic shrubbery to keep neighbors at bay. full day of planting for me tomorrow, ahead of the rain due this week

scott went home tonight, but we shared a delicious bbq steak, grilled garlic asparagus with rosemary yukon golds on the deck again, another day that lets you know god exists in all his glory. to me the sea is truly soul stirring, to sit out and take it all in can truly overwhelm my senses. i know i am blessed and never forget that for one minute here, all i have to do is lift my head to see the power of god all around me...

have an enjoyable week ahead for myself, all of my favorite things, one right after and another, punctuated with return visits of scott~

mon 2/4 woke up to heavy wet fog, still excited to plant, out the door with the dogs at 7 and in the garden by 7:30. gardening in public is a new thing for me... i hate it :-( i am not a pretty gardener... i had to wrestle 3 15 gallon shrubs, i mean i was wearing them on my chest as i hauled them out to plant, covered in mud, wet hair plastered from the fog and a steady film of mud dripping down my face... and people passed by in this lovely condition. a neighbor even chatted me up... i am not vane, but there is a time when you can frighten small dogs and people... i was beyond that stage. was thrilled to get it all in, i could never plant 15 gallons at home, this sandy soil is like marshmallow fluff, a dream come true, no, make that a sea dream~

took 30 minutes to shower off the dirt... and a nap late in the afternoon, i was exhausted after moving such heavy plants. but oh so happy. was extremely cold, had to succumb to the heat, planting in the freezing cold fog had chilled me even beyond a warm shower. too cold to even hold a book to read. finally back into my reading grove, LOVING sacre bleu~

tues 2/5 woke up to gray day, took the dogs to the headland, always worry about the cattle now. while sitting with them staring at the sea i noticed what i thought was a rock get up and move... very brief walk this morn, too close for comfort for me.

came home with the intentions of making jam, but i kept thinking about the hedge i want to plant... called a wholesale nursery june mentioned, they said they would sell to me :-) went to june's to get a cutting for identification, they didn't carry it, but she was the nicest lady with a wonderful nursery at her home. perfect, pristine condition, huge pond, everything immaculate. she spent close to 2 hours chatting with me, she just started an iris garden. will have to go back for sure... after i find this hedge, which proves to be very difficult. she suggested half moon bay, i have loads to research now.

while driving home i could see the smoke bombs at sea, the coast guard is doing maneuvers again. the skies have opened up blue and the seas are heavy, but its a gorgeous day, cold and windy. the plane circled for at least an hour and moved on towards sf and their boat back to bodega bay.

far off in the distance i could see the shipping lane, last year they made them move the lane farther off the coast because of striking whales and breaking their backs, its getting harder and harder to see them with the fuzzy air, but when you see a ship pass it stirs something exotic in me, like they are off on a big adventure across the wild blue seas, how many will make it, how many will be lost at sea kind of thing. yeah i read to many sea tales ;-) i also think of them coming to port and of loved ones coming to greet them, or of wayward sailors hitting the red light district for hookers and opium dens ala 1900s! yep, those giant ships let my mind wander...

wed 2/6 gorgeous morning, with rain due tomorrow i can't imagine where its coming from. today was a cooking day. ALL day in the kitchen, my feet are feeling the pain right now :-( scott comes for dinner so wanted to knock out some new dishes. calm seas in the morning, on the dog walk i thought i saw cows on the beach again but with closer inspection i can see there are filming another movie. makes since now about the house down the street, i remember they rented houses for the month, explains all the huge rental trucks coming and going several times a day. they have been set up since before dawn and still going strong, they keep moving the tent to match the surf line. poor guy spent a lot of time in the surf flailing his arms. sent stella to get the scoop, if there are any actors i may actually know of... and unless its like clark gable i seem to be very out of touch with current actors. the joys of reading, you become ultra isolated!

no luck with my hedge, i found a lot of attitude against me for seeking these out... i may have to grow my own, which is not what i want, i want an instant hedge!

coast guard was off shore with a different boat with a crane. tried to get shots but to cold to linger long outside. perhaps they are working on buoys? seas were so calm this morn,

but by afternoon could hardly tell they were there and bay very wild...

today i made blueberry chocolate preserves, omg, this is killer good, i really didn't need a jar, i think a comfy chair and a straw would have been perfect... made jackies very fun breadsticks, i have never made bread by hand before, of course i messed up the recipe, why do i always read things after i put them in the oven :-( who cares, it was delish, and i also made her lasagne soup, a total hit. shared both with stella, ok, its called breaking and entering, but i think she liked what i left behind~

just got the update, they are filming the ghost and the whale and Maurice Bernard is one of the actors. i knew i wouldn't know any of them... well, i do know whales :-)

thurs 2/7 scott came last night and we had a wonderful meal. such a short visit, he alarm was going off at 3:45 am and back out the door he went. i managed to stay up a bit but tumbled back to sleep eventually. woke to rain at sea, i grabbed the dogs for a quick walk before we really got hit, but the down pour never hit us.

spent the day in a new black hole of time, trying to print labels for my homemade food and drink that i can't seem to remember what it is anymore. i am so tired of tasting with my fingers, especially with company staring at me... i can see how people get sucked into it, its great fun, wee little pictures stitched together by competent people. i was lacking in the skill set... BUT i did identify my food properly by nightfall.

too wet for the movie crew to film outside so they shot in the house 3 doors down. the traffic here is huge, up down, up down, up down the hill all day, like the 4th of july. for as few as people who live out here they are like a whole summer holiday arriving. was going to complain to dale about the speeding, then i see dale drive by in one of his vintage cars, yep, right to the movie house and out tumbles a dozen plus to check it out. i am betting his car will have a staring role.

my hedge is impossible to get... visited with June sitting on her new sun porch until she got to cold. i will take cuttings from her when i head home for my greenhouse