Saturday, February 16, 2013

a beach diary feb 8-15

2/8 fri. another gorgeous day by the sea. scott comes tonight, i made a huge batch of lemon curd to be able to make desserts all week for him.

since i have slipped into the rabbit hole with making labels i really wanted to make a signature label for things made at sea dream. i love this image, i always have binoculars in my hands i bet a dozen times a day, and of course i swoon over the whales, what could say sea dream more to me then marrying these 2 images...

it was fun to make, i have so much to learn, but for now i am enchanted with my sea dream art. made several lemon curd labels and personalized one for stella, had a nice afternoon visit with her then took the dogs for sunset beach walk. scott arrived late and all feels like home again with his arrival.

the movie crew is taking over the hill, but they are all extremely nice. i watched them film at a very high tide with so little land, i was amazed at the huge 4 wd vehicles they have driving thru the river and surf, looks like adventure land from here. i am sick of the traffic though, nonstop up down the hill is nerve wracking for me since i thrive on silence.


2/9 sat. daddys home and we are off for a full day of play. on the way out we see the film crew shooting early in tomales. we headed back to jack london's park and spent the day hiking 5-6 miles into the hills. explored areas i have never been to over the decades. went to an ancient redwood they estimate to be 1800 to 2000 years old. leaves you with much to ponder, 14' diameter, loads of fire scaring and yet it still flourishes. scott climbed straight up a vertical hill that almost destroyed him, he paid for it with horrid leg cramps in the night...

we were gone until almost sunset, raced into the market to grab our very own princess cake for dessert!

passed the movie crew filming a sunset scene on elephant rock. arrived home with 20 minutes to spare for a quick walk with the dogs on the beach as the sun set. went to dinner at our little beach restaurant. i so wish they had more business, i will be sad if it closes, so convenient to dine just a 1/2 mile away with a sea view.


2/10 sun. a perfect still morn that you dream of... we have a weekend ritual of making a big breakfast while scott picks up the sunday paper. this time scott treated me to almost souffle like french toast, delish! he read and napped into the early afternoon, while i fussed around with scads of pics from the week, and of course i am now labeling everything...

the movie, which is shooting 4 doors down, has now expanded out to include 4 houses on both sides, including junes. and she even had the infamous yellow truck in her driveway! i watched the moving trucks back into her driveway and the shuttle began dropping off loads of people. they are shooting at the house next door to her now too, a darling house with turrets, the original house on the hill when it was just a cattle ranch up here. i saw june chatting with the crew the night before when we were headed out to dinner, i guess setting today into motion.

we needed to head into town for groceries, i wanted to drive farther down the road to see what other houses they may be shooting, i saw a skinny woman in uggs and black pants, i said i bet that's a movie star, we pull up and its june and richard! i cracked up, she told me her driveway was being used to serve meals while they worked next door, they had just invited her over to see some of the shooting they had done for the day.

we drove all over, but i couldn't tell which other house they may be filming, the director was walking down the street that recently had sold a huge house that literally just hangs on the cliff over the sea. so freaking scary to me i can barely drive the street, much less imagine living in a place like that... this is earthquake country, i mean this is a really scary earthquake place in particular with the entire bay having been created from a huge rupture. i just don't have the stomach to live, and or walk, in places like that! it would be a nice high drama photoshoot... i always worry about spooking the deer here, its such a long way down :-(

we headed into town and made a few pit stops along the way, grabbed a bunch of chicken for a wonderful bbq, enough to last me all week. took the dogs for a sunset walk, there were only a handful of people there, this is how i love to live, quiet quiet quiet and alone by the sea.

came home to an excellent, serene, still evening, its that hour i love most in the day, when people have cleared out from the weekend and it just quiet and peaceful again, the seas are calm and the sky has that smokey dusty blue with the pale orange afterglow of a radiant sunset...

dinner was fabulous with bbq garlic corn and asparagus too, topped off with princess cake. the cake cost a fortune, i will stretch it out for a week!


2/11 mon. scott left early as ever, about 30' after leaving the wind began to roar, i mean like a sudden howl, the sky light rattled even. i step out in the pitch black and i see the sea foaming and the crab boats bouncing wildly at sea, a boats light was so bright it illuminated my kitchen from miles away. such a freak sudden wind i worried for them all out there... and just as suddenly it was gone. fell back a sleep and woke to a gorgeous warm morning, the wind like a bad dream.

such a pristine day i really wanted to be outside, my garden isn't big enough to waste time fussing for hours, just a quick walk about and then i begin to stare at the sea again...

the feral has been missing for 2 days with the house rented next door, but it was back first thing this morn watching me in the bushes all day. i will never befriend this one, it is getting more and more fearful of me, it knows i see it and it makes it even more shy...

took stella a plate of bbq and a piece of princess cake, she was most thankful as always. ended up having a long chat, or should i say therapy session, as i unburdened a little too much this morn... some parts of my life are just raw and i wear my emotions on my sleeve, she is always gracious even when you are sharing to much...

spent the afternoon finally reading again. yes, that means inner peace and contentment has returned. took my chair right to the decks edge to catch the full cold sea breeze. they were filming a road scene and keep launching the car in front of my house, for take after take, cassie was whaling against the window, i asked them how long so i could lock her up, but he said just 2 more times. she survived...

another sunset walk on the beach with the dogs, only passed 1 or 2 people, again this is my most cherished moment, pretending i own the whole beach and we are just out for a casual stroll :-) i can never take pics when its just me and the dogs, i need both hands to make sure all is well with them, maggie can be aggressive and cassie is fearful, they both bolt for different reasons so i can't be looking in the lens. were 3 darling sand castles on the beach, sorry i didn't get to capture them... but i did get cassie looking cute at home~

the truth be told, she had just kicked gracie out of her dog bed...

i still think brammie is a beauty queen here~

finally finished sacre bleu, i still thoroughly enjoy christopher moore's irreverent humor~


feb 12 tues. after such a fabulous warm day yesterday, was a little shocked to wake up to fog so thick i can't see 50', with a pure white frost covering what i can see... oh, and 30 degrees. i took the dogs for their morning walk then just fussed the day away. spent time online, playing with pics, making more labels for future food to come and chatting on the phone for hours. the fog didn't lift until near 3, was just an easy day of play. managed to make these mini lemon blueberry yogurt loaves to share for valentines day.

took the dogs at sunset for a beach run, cassie found an injured sea bird that had me screaming at the top of my lungs... the poor thing made it in the water with cassie on hot pursuit, for a moment i thought she might go under, it was low tide but she was in a deep hole and her head went down in the waves, i am truly hoarse from screaming at her, she was not the least bit beast interested in minding me... the poor bird headed out to the surf line with a broken wing, but at least cassie was not its demise :-(

no sign of the film crew today, the hill was stone cold silent!


feb 13 wed. woke up to the sun around the house, but the fog swirling below in the sea. took the dogs for a walk, 34 degrees, had to capture some of this fluffy air, i just love seeing the fog ebb and flow...

wrapped up the little loaves for valentines and dropped them off this morn for some wee visits.

film crew is filming in the dunes today.

today was dedicated to reading... a wonderful day spent on the deck, cool in the breeze, but comfy tucked far back on the deck. put up the umbrellas even for the dogs to enjoy the cool shade. its been ages since i just relaxed like this, time to get back into my quiet reading days, but that will have to wait until next week, scott comes tonight to celebrate valentines day. excited he got the day off, its really our anniversary, 2 years ago on valentines we negotiated our buy price for sea dream, you can't get a better present then a house by the sea~


feb 14th thurs. slept in late this morn, with scott home he took the dogs out first and i got to linger in a warm bed. he asked me whats for breakfast at 7:30... i was a bit miffed, the days has barely started and we are suppose to be eating already? the man who claims he can never eat this early? i try and ignore the whole thing but he is persistent. finally get up and moving by 8 and i step into the room to find this...

a complete surprise! he had kept them in the car last night, of course he knew sees would be my breakfast~ but i did make us a wonderful meal anyway with poached eggs and mini blueberry lemon loaves and fresh blood orange juice. i so love scott, he knows i only have white flowers at the beach, no red roses for me here~

we took the dogs straight down to the beach for an early morn romp. the film crew was there and i got some live action shots. first, let me say they charge you $10 to join their website to see these kind of pics, i will only charge 9, feel free to send me cash, or chocolate, in payment please. here is their tent they move back and forth with the tides, they start at 6:30 am and work until 6:30 pm all darn day, all meals are catered on sight, this time out in the parking.

group huddle, before scores of retakes...

action! bad guy grabs her hair, note they both have on wetsuits, how tiny must you be to wear a wetsuit and then wardrobe and still look itty bitty? he is the bad guy and the director, duel roles for this guy.

cue the soap star, on you mark, get set, go, run to the girl in peril!

give me her

no really...

come on...

get ready for the wind up, one two three and he shoves her right to him. please note she is handcuffed.

quiet on the set, i see another scene in the works...

wait for it...

get ready for the wind up, and boom!

we have another kind of peril down here, land sharks~

as if the morning wasn't action packed enough, the day is so nice we decide to do a little hiking at bodega. only problem is the fog is on the move...

with dense fog ahead we just stayed on the bay side, one side sunny, one side nothing but a gray wonderland.

i always find this so touching tucked safely away on the hill side. we spread my parents ashes farther down the point too...

love is in the air~

just as i was bemoaning i have so little gardening to do, i found a tree trimmer down the street from us and grabbed 10 yards of free mulch. i will be moving this one laundry basket at a time all week. truly this is my kind of gift!

thought the car looked cute here while they offloaded the mulch, like a car commercial~

after moving some mulch time for a quick shower and change for dinner. i had heard gun shots and was to upset to walk the dogs near by, we took them down to the headlands, one of my very favorite places...

we headed to the beach to watch the sunset before dinner. oh, and of course that would include more movie pics. here we have the wardrobe room, you can't tell from this shot but there are some darling zigzag multicolor rubber boots.

here is the soap star getting ready for some sort of desperate scene. he was jogging and jabbing in place between scenes, personally i think he was probable freezing and trying to keep warm before he crawled over and over in the cold sand. please note the gun hanging on the woman with the white coat. perhaps the gunshots i had heard were their props the whole time...

as the sun set in the fog, we had dinner at our little local cafe, and it was hopping! nicole was all gussied up with makeup and there were 4 other tables, a rush for our little town! plus, they even had specials, besides the 5 dollar thursday burger scott was craving, i dined on grilled salmon, like a real restaurant! was a wonderful end of the day.


feb 15 fri. we woke up at 3am, scott left shortly thereafter to head off to work. i spent the dark hours of the wee morning looking over pics and filling in my diary. i like remembering the good days here, i don't ever want to forget that this is as good as life gets. its my time to relish it all~

a cold day, what a better day to move mulch and warm up. i called a neighbor at 9 to borrow a pitch fork, without it, its incredible hard to move... her husband was in the hot tub and would bring one by if they had it later. what a delight to get up on a cold morn and enjoy a good soak to start the day. meanwhile, i was on my hands and knees clawing at mulch. let me say, after breaking my nail way below the quick, and being up since 3am, i was a tad bit beat.

my favorite part of gardening is hosing at the end of a messy garden session. just as i was doing the last squirt, at 12:30 here comes my pitchfork... i was so exhausted i just had to call it quits... but, i am a trooper, after devouring a sees heart i had enough energy to give it another go for over and hour. but now my day is done. i am truly spent, hot and bothered and too tired to want to even take the dogs to the beach tonight.

the place is filling up now too, a busy 3 day weekend on the coast, the campground has gone from zero to scads, the beach looks extremely crowded and the houses are rented all around us. yuck... i so love the quiet spectrum of this place, its truly night and day dynamics when the tourists pour in.

stella just dropped by with a bag of goodies for us. so nice having so many nice people around us here.

huge fireworks over the ocean from the campgrounds~