Thursday, January 3, 2013

a beach diary, jan 3rd

holidays were so much fun, new years ended on such a high note, hated for scott to leave. i went to sleep a bit tipsy, ok i needed rolaids to calm my sodden stomach, but with memories stretching my smile wide. tina's gift was over the top fun, great way to end the day. remember there are 3 types of people sheep, wolves and sheepdogs, i met the sheepdog~

settling into quiet days with scott gone and just me and the pets, today i am restless, can't seam to calm down, woke at 5 to see the meteor showers, but the moon was so bright over head that was a waste of time, and cold... 18 degrees when i walked the dogs at 8am. bitter without gloves.

read early in a warm bed this morn to finish tell the wolves i'm home, excellent book, perhaps thats why i sm so pensive and moody this morn, i wept before i was even out of out bed, i think it alters the start of ones day.

watched the coast guard helicopter pass by, that always means bad news, the seas are rough and skies gray. still upset about that man dying on new years day while walking the beach with his dog and wife, a rogue wave swept them out, they found him 4 hours later. 20' high waves. things like this haunt me, it could just as easily be my family, except i am extremely careful and only go at low tide because of maggie. i tell scott all the time to never turn his back to the sea, he doesn't listen, i see him do it all the time...

yesterday, albeit cold, was a spotless sunset...

this morn the feral kitty is watching us through the window. i petted sarah and whyle in the window, so he will know i love kitties and this is a safe house to come to... so cold outside, i wish he would find his kitty condo scott made for him, it would have to be 20 degrees warmer then the bushes.

washed the windows and noticed a scratch on the glass above the window boxes, heard the thumping one night, the deer have been eating the red berries i put in them, apparently his antlers made a 4" scratch. reminder to skip decorating them next year, all the body thumping and damage makes it not so ho ho hoish, but i still love them around~