Friday, January 11, 2013

a beach diary, jan 10th

feeling sad as my one month visit ends this weekend, this house brings me so much joy it will be hard to leave... its been a wonderful holiday season, but i adore when the crowds clear out and its nothing but me and the sea. yesterday took the dogs for a walk around sunset, we were the only ones there, true it had been raining and was blowing a gale, but that only made maggies ball fly farther down the beach for her.

had an extremely cold night, i mean to cold to sleep kind of night, first time since menopause, and that's been ages! this is a solar house, with no sun and temps in the 20 and 30s yesterday the house never got toasty. i went to sleep a bit chilled thinking like every other night i would defrost and be kicking the covers off later, instead i was grabbing cats and begging dogs to jump up, all to no avail. i tried reading under the covers like a kid in a sleeping bag, that didn't work, i just couldn't get warm and was to cold to get up and find more layers... instead, i had a miserable night and dreamed of ice rivers, frozen waves and worst of all i had my brother come visit our house, when i took him upstairs, for a view of the sea, on one side was a wall of glass hanging over snow capped peaks as if i was in a helicopter hovering over the Himalayans, and to make it all even more nigthmarish, when walking upstairs we had to pass through a baptist church meeting room done in dark reds with a bingo parlor, part of the deal for my house with the view... i woke up frozen and mortified, until i realized my sea dream has no second story. i so wonder where the baptist meeting hall came from, as an avid reader i do find my dreams rich and varied, but i just finished a catholic book, walking the camino de santiago, with a catholic priest, not a single bingo hall in sight on this pilgrims 500 mile walk ;-)

awakened to the pounding sounds of metal, they are dismantling the h20 tower, bright and early, too early for me... i missed taking the dogs for a walk before they arrived. they must have come before sunrise, must be so cold in the wind sitting on metal... for the first time ever i drove the dogs for their potty walk... usually i walk to the headlands with them, but i didn't know the cattle situation and i wanted them to run free so quickly popped in the car and hit the road. as cold as the night was, despite the temps and wind, when one is properly layered life is good again :-) i adore that area, its taken me 10 months to heal from jasper to feel good there again, i sat with the girls and looked for whales, the sea was to rough to be able to spot them. it was an excellent morning after a rough night.

scott arrives tonight, which is why i am writing my diary today, so i can quietly reflect on the month here. i have finished 23 books, so far, i am sure one or two more may eek in if we just lay low. tomorrow is to be a hiking day, but wind and cold can sometimes realign our plans quickly. favorite books while here~

where did you go, bernadette
on whale island*
tell the wolves i'm home
maman's homesick pie*
the girl who fell from the sky
family fang
to the field of stars*
two old fools on a camel*
my mother was nuts
mr penumbra's 24 hour bookstore
the end of your life book club

* one of my favorite type of books are about people creating their own adventures, every one has a story, and i am here to enjoy it~

have enjoyed starring out the window for countless of hours, watching dozens and dozens of whales pass by from the warmth of my home, could see the herds of elk on the point 2 miles away.

rescued 2 finches trapped inside my bird feeder when i saw the huge hawk towering over them pecking away. i raced outside and the hawk almost challenged me. i flailed my arms within 5' of him, he was standing eye level to me, frankly i got a little scared and screamed for scott! he still guarded his prey, flying a triangle around us until we could rescue the finches.

have had a countless number of deer visiting, love the huge males, they come right on my deck and eat the dropped bird seed. see the foxes every night as soon as the sun sets, last night one was on the deck not 3' from me starring in, beautiful creatures.

i will worry about my feral kitty, its home has been destroyed, i think it was sheltering in the pump house, but its all being dismantled, it hasn't come for food at all today, being so cold he should have been here first thing, this is the first day he has never come in months since i started putting food out for him.

meanwhile, these 2 have been enjoying themselves...

i will miss my glorious ever changing sea...

from briliant dawns

to silver afternoons

to rain

to fire breathing monsters at sea

to layers of blues

and crisp clean mornings

this truly is my sea dream~